TCU Applicants

  1. Has anyone heard from TCU yet?
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  3. by   montrn
    I received my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday (1/23). I have heard of one other nurse who got her acceptance letter last Saturday. Good luck.
  4. by   EBDRN
    Yesturday, got my acceptance. The mail has been funny lately, so you should here soon. Good Luck, and keep me posted..... Did you apply to any other Texas schools?
  5. by   EBDRN
    Hey,I received my acceptance yesturday. The mail system has been funny lately, so hopefully you'll here soon Good Luck.
  6. by   SouthTxNurse
    Okay, I have yet to receive anything!!!!!!!!
    Why do they not send out denial letters along with the acceptance letters?
    This is very torturous?!?!?!?!
    And I am not to sure why I wouldn't get in. I have four years ICU exp with the last year spent in a big adult ICU in a level one trauma center. I have a good gpa and an okay GRE. And I have followed a CRNA. What else can I do? :roll
  7. by   EBDRN
    Hey, I heard that they are sending out their letters in waves. Some acceptance letters went out and others still are being sent out. I don't know whether that is correct or not, but I was at another interview, and a girl got her letter from TCU on 1/25. So, hopefully you have, or will get one soon. Good luck.
  8. by   panzyo3
    how are acceptance letters coming out already when the application due date is feb 1st?
  9. by   montrn
    The application deadline was Nov. 1 for early consideration and Dec. 1 for all others.
  10. by   kjblack
    The early application date was Nov. 1. The final application due date was Dec. 1. Good luck
  11. by   panzyo3
    I didn't realize this was in the CRNA forum until I posted it,but good luck to all who are still waiting on letters!