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  1. I live on the west coast, but will be applying to almost exclusively schools on the east side of the country. I am prepared to travel for interviews, and to move my family wherever I get into school, but was wondering how common it is for schools to grant Skype interviews. Is it considered poor form to ask if this is an option? Considering that most schools don't extend interviews with much more than a month's notice, it could potentially be challenging for me to find work coverage and make travel arrangements in time. I'm prepared to do so and have already talked to some of the per diem staff in my ICU in case I need coverage, but it would be nice to know how realistic of an option a Skype interview would be.
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  3. by   loveanesthesia
    A Skype interview will place you at a disadvantage if a program is competitive. It's hard to connect with people in the same way. It also doesn't allow you to get a feel for the people at the program. I would avoid it if at all possible.
  4. by   jj224
    One of the schools i was accepted to gave me the option of in-person vs Skype since I wasn't local.
  5. by   emb92250
    University of Arizona only does Skype interviews, I think. At least they didn't give me an option. It was just Skype
  6. by   icuCCRNurse
    I called the school while I was applying and asked when their interview dates would be so I could schedule time off accordingly. They seemed to like that I was planning ahead.