Rosalind or DePaul Northshore?????

  1. I was accepted at Rosalind and DePaul Northshore, both in Illinois. I don't know which one to attend. I have tried to list the pros and cons to both, but they are about equal. DePaul's program is more established, has been around since 1956. Their clinical sites are closer. The program is 36 months and I have to travel to another site to take my nonanesthesia courses/master courses. Depaul's program begins this Sept. I can work full-time up until and save more money. During the first year I can also work full-time or part-time. DePaul's progam is integrated which I like. Rosalind's program starts this March(less time to save)!!! Yes, like in about 6weeks. I have saved a small nest egg and I'm prepared to sacrifice financially while in the program. Rosalind is a newer program, been around for about 5 years. Some clinical sites are in Wisconsin, at least a 2hr drive from me. The program is front-loaded. The program is 27 months. I take 14 credit hrs. the first semester-probably can't work regularly. I had a better interview process at Rosalind and I really bonded with the the staff. I know friends that have attended both programs and they love both. Please HELP!!!!
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    I am a student at Rosalind right now and would suggest going here. You will get done faster and the clinical sites, in my opinion, dont get much better because of the variety and quality of clinical sites. It sounds like you are worried about the drives to the clinical sites?? Our clinical coordinator works with students to get clinicals near your living situation but ultimitely you will have a few sites that are NOT close. I feel that traveling a little bit to get different experiences is only beneficial to you as a student. I dont know a whole lot about DePaul but the classes at Rosalind are also very good especially the anatomy with cadaver dissection and pharmacology classes that are taught through the university. Good luck with your decision and ultimately education in nurse anesthesia. Best decision of my life!
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    great post/info. Thanks so much.
  5. by   JacobSZ
    Well first off congratulations choczrn1!

    I actually interviewed at Rosalind for the same class as you and had the same impression of the program (maybe we even where in the same group?). I really liked the staff, but the program seems intimidating and working does look to be out of the question, however I did work with a RN who worked part time or resource while attending Rosalind’s program and she also had a family so anything is possible I guess. I know Rosalind has a 39 month part-time program version where you take your didactic portion over the course of 2 years as opposed to 1, then your 15 month clinical portion is full time. Is that an option for you? Maybe they’ll let you do that if you asked them, I know they discourage it though? I hear you, not having much time must be a tough. I interviewed at Rosalind in late September and thought everything went fairly well, the written so so, but then the interview I thought I nailed, but was pretty sad and surprised once they told me I was wait listed. I knew it was a long shot when I applied right at the dealine, but when I got my interview, I started thinking maybe this is really going to happen. But now that I think about it a little more the extra time in preparation and saving money for when and if I get in next year is really appealing to me. I know I want to be a CRNA, but timing is key, so right now I’m chalking it up to “it wasn’t meant to be” this time around and working on all my MSN transfers to roll into either Rosalind, Rush or DePaul next year to lighten my load. You on the other have a choice in the matter, but either way you won’t go wrong. So take pride and confidence in that. Ultimately I have my mind made up and would prefer to get into Rosalind’s program. If what they say is true for their clinical case loads, I couldn’t imagine a better environment to learn in as an SRNA, so I hope I get accepted next time around. From all the people I’ve talked to about becoming a CRNA the consensus is that school is the most challenging thing you can do professionally in your career no matter how you do it, but in the end you’ll never regret it.

    Hopefully you make the choice that’s best for you, but then again I’m sure you already have.

    Good luck with school and life.

    Also I posted on the SRNA thread about “what got you into CRNA school” and was looking for some input, if you could check out my post and get back to me I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Here’s the link
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    CRNA 2012,

    Like I asked choczrn1 could you look over my other post and give me some feed back on getting into CRNA school? And if you have any pointers on Rosalind's program I'm all ears.

    Here's the link...

    What got you into school?
    Thanks again...
  7. by   mikelita
    @choczrn1- what was your final decision? I interviewed with NS and have an interview coming up with Rosalind. Do you have any advise for the Rosalind interview? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for you time!
  8. by   nursiepooh6
    I am looking to apply to Rosalind in the fall. Can anyone here speak to the number and acuity of cases done in Rosalinds program? I have also heard that they have been through 3 program directors, has this had any impact on the learning at the school. Are there any graduates put there that can speak to how well they felt to take exam and practice? Interview process tips or questions would also be nice. Their website is very skimpy so some outside help would be nice. My stats: uggpa:3.8 grad: 3.5 I will have masters when I apply jn nurse Ed. CCRN and I have to take GRE Thanks
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    But now that I think about it a little more the extra time in preparation and saving money for when and if I get in next year is really appealing to me. I know I want to be a CRNA, but timing is key, so right now I'm chalking it up to "it wasn't meant to be" this time around and working on all my MSN transfers to roll into either Rosalind, Rush or DePaul next year to lighten my load.

    If you are still watching this forum, where did you taken MSN classes and did they actually transfer to lighten your load? What classes did you end up taking?

  10. by   NIUredblack
    Are you and your classmates having any luck finding jobs in Chicago? I'm graduating from CRNA school this summer and trying to get into the Chicago market. I'm at a school outside of IL and trying to see what hospitals hire new grad CRNAs. Any insight would be great. Thanks!
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    choczrn1, I'm glad you got accepted to both schools at the same time. I'm in the process of applying to both schools. However, my heart is set to pick Rosalind if I ever find myself in your situation just because I have a co-worker who's brother is currently attending the program and she state that it is a very good school with excellent instructors.
    Regarding the admission requirements is statistics one of the course required? I did take a nursing statistic course in my BSN program, is this course accepted?