quick ? for you CRNA's

  1. what do you find most challenging in your field of work?
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  3. by   blee1
    wow, you guys must have an easy job! c'mon guys, im in a bsn program, im interested in anesthesia, and im just trying see what YOU guys find challenging about your profession. appease my curiosity please
  4. by   foxyhill21
    I would like to know too..............
  5. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but these questions are why the pre-CRNA forum was set up here.

    If you take a look there, you will find answers to these questions, and to make it easy, I am moving your thread to that area.
  6. by   yoga crna
    Being a CRNA is much different than other types of nursing. We make our own decisions, based on our education, experience and being aware of current practice. Protocols, doctors' orders and standardized procedures do not fit into an anesthesia practice, because each anesthetic much be individualized to the patient, surgical procedure, level of competency of the surgeon, pre and post-op nursing care and ability to quickly respond to unusual situations. Of course, I think all of the above are what make anesthesia practice unique and a great profession.

    Every day and every case are a challenge. That's the good news, the bad news is taking night call, placing epidurals in OB patients at 3:00 a.m., giving anesthesia to multiple system trauma cases and dying of boredom during 12 hour finger reimplantations in a dark, cold operating room, with lousy music blaring in your ears.

    The chance for indpendent practice, for many career options, being a member of the best professional organization (AANA) there is and having a collegial relationship with other CRNAs. These are areas of deficiency in general nursing, in my opinion where complaining and jealousy seem to be the norm.

    Yoga CRNA