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I was wondering if anyone could given me some information about the University of Pittsburgh CRNA interview process. I have a December interview date and was just wondering if anyone has had any... Read More

  1. by   pitt81

    O well I just got my letter of rejection via email life goes on , I will try again next year. Good Luck to you
  2. by   amandasroll
    Anyone accepted to Pitt CRNA to start Fall 3013/ Jan 2014? Anyone waitlisted for August 2014??
  3. by   norske26
    I interviewed this past November and received an acceptance phone call the following week--chose the Spring 2014 start date. Is anyone else starting the Spring 2014 semester?
  4. by   Soconurse
    I got in for the fall '13 class. Anyone else?
  5. by   amandasroll
    No, I'm starting August 2014. Anyone accepted already in PGH?