Online psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner programs

  1. Looking to start one of the many Online psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner programs i'm just wondering if anybody has any feedback regarding the online psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner programs I've been looking into Maryville University Walden University Regis and Drexel if anybody has any experience with any of the schools that would be great I'm just trying to get some advice
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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    I couldn't answer that about on-line Psych programs, as I went to an on-campus program where the lectures were absolutely useless. Our professor was Freudian in her approach.

    So, wherever you go, you'll probably be largely self taught by necessity. But in Psych, there is a whole bunch of clinical and social context you have to consider when prescribing, and also a lot of subjective assessment. It won't be found in any book.

    I would suggest getting an RN job in the field, if you don't work there already, both for the clinical experience, and also for the need to meet future potential preceptors, which schools generally don't provide.

    Wherever you go, make sure it is accredited, and that you'll be eligible to sit for the AANC certification exams, without which you cannot bill Medicare or most insurances.

    I would love to hear a ringing endorsement from any graduate of an online Psych program. If that is you and you are doing well, please let us know!
  4. by   BigPappaCRNA
    Did you mean to post this in this forum? Asking SRNAs this question doesn't make a lot of sense.
  5. by   Askthepsychnp
    I did an online Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program through Eastern Kentucky University. I had a great experience. I liked the program because it did not require me to go on-campus, at all. I also did not have to complete the GRE (which I think is a really irrelevant measure to one's knowledge base). I had success with the program and based my board certification exam on my first attempt!
  6. by   BohemianRhapsody
    Hi I have submitted my application to EKU. What would say outside of clinicals was the most challenging part of the program for you?
  7. by   Askthepsychnp
    The most challenging part was locking in a preceptor for each clinical rotation. I started networking SIX months ahead of time! I found really great preceptors to work with. I went into offices, took people out to coffee... etc. I found people on psychology today.
  8. by   BohemianRhapsody
    Thanks! I have heard others find group work difficult, the volume of papers/material to read, or lack of professor support as challenges. Thanks for your input!