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  1. by   nsranney
    I know of this program and it looks like a good one, but is a little pricey. Know of any others?
  2. by   SINYC123
    The UNE one is the only class I see that has the 4 credit required (lab component). Has anyone taken it? I have not taken chemistry since freshman year in Engineering. Now that I am looking to change careers, do I need to refresh, or is the class broken down?
  3. by   Laboratorian
    I'm curious to know what it says on the transcript.
    I contacted the college I wanted to transfer to and have not heard back yet.
  4. by   catloverz
    Check out Clinton Community College, Iowa.
    Highly recommended.
    It's complete with the lab portion too.

    Please email me if you need more info on the instructor.
    Good luck!
  5. by   ace8652

    Was the class difficult? Which teacher do you reccommend?

    sorry I cant send PMs yet
  6. by   catloverz
    The first one, general chemistry, was very easy.
    I'm glad I took it.
    The organic chemistry is not as easy, but i think it's easier than any face-to-face classes.
    The instructor makes it easy for his online students.
    The most challenging part to me is the online assignment, especially on the organic portion. The biochem portion is not as bad.
    hope this helps : )
  7. by   ace8652
    I checked their school catalog and noticed its an Organic-Biochemistry class. Was the on you took only Organic Chem?
  8. by   jocey768
    I tried to PM you, but it said you were unable to receive them.

    Hi! I recently saw your post on taking chemistry online at Clinton Community College in Iowa.

    Can i ask what classes you took and who the professors were?

    Can I ask how you did in the gen chem 1 & 2. I am hoping to get an A and want to ensure that the I know someone who has taken classes with the professor prior and can get advice on how the class is. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!
  9. by   premedstudent
    Quote from MayisontheWay
    I'm doing the UNE course (I like it a lot!) However, as it turns out VCU has the same kind of "course in a box" offering and it's much less expensive. I have a friend taking it now and it sounds very similar. I don't have the link, but I'm sure you could track it down at their site.

    Good luck!


    I am planning on also taking the class from UNE, how does it show up on your transcripts? Does it just say Organic Chemistry I or does it say Medical Organic Chemistry I.

    Thank you,
  10. by   premedstudent
    How did this class look on your transcript, does it say Organic Chemistry I or Medical Organic Chemistry I?

  11. by   silvrdove
    Did any one end up taking just the lab component of UNE's online Organic Chemistry I course? I took an organic course a few years ago, but now I need a lab component before starting grad school. I'm wondering how difficult it is to take the lab by itself (and online). Thanks!
  12. by   careergoal
    Pls i need more info on instructor. Email me