Need an ONLINE Chemistry Class

  1. I am short Chemistry credits and I need to take an online Chemistry class (Preferably Biochem or something less painful than O chem) as a prerequisite for the CRNA school I am applying to...Anyone have a recommendation?
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  3. by   UCDSICURN
    UC Berkeley Extension
    Univ of New England
    check the California Virtual Campus website for others.

    Those are the ones I know off of the top of my head.

    Hope this helps...
  4. by   mr2np
    You can try this link.

    There is also a biochem class, you can start anytime, not waiting for the traditional start of a semester.
  5. by   rb24
    my co-worker introduced me to iowa central community college online. they offer an intro to bio- and organic chemistry. costs ~ $500 if you're out of state. he took it to get into the military's crna program.
  6. by   JOONKA
    does anyone know of an online chemistry course that can be taken at anytime and at your own pace
  7. by   DaveCRNA
    This thread is two years old.

    Just thought you should know.