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  1. Belle12

    Employee Stay interview/survey

    Does anyone conduct "employee stay interviews", employee satisfaction surveys or any other kind of written survey for EMS personnel in flight programs? I am looking to get the ball rolling on this idea in my flight program and would appreciate any input. Thank you!!
  2. Belle12

    ENPC v.s PEPP

    Thanks for the comments...I am taking this course at the end of July. I will post my comments about the course then :)
  3. Belle12

    ENPC v.s PEPP

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to which class is "better"? I've heard mixed opinions about both. Please enlighten me :)
  4. Belle12


    See what works for you best and try out different things....It seems like many people (incuding myself), like using a MAC 3. Another really great technique (especially for difficult airways) is to use a a gum elastic "bougie". You can use this to intubate the trachea while having the ETT "preloaded" onto the bougie....If you don't have a great view or your not sure, you can insert the bougie and advance it down...If it "stops", you probably are in the trachea and have hit the carina....If if "keeps going in" your probably in the esophagus....Don't get discouraged, we all have missed an airway! Keep on trying and good luck :)
  5. Belle12

    CFRN Study Guide

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good CFRN study guide? I prefer one that has lots of questions. ~Thanks~
  6. Belle12

    er or icu first?

    I agree with "getting all the experience you need"; I would have gone to the ER if I didn't get my job because of lack of variety of patient populations...I didn't mean to sound as if the ICU experience is "better". I was thinking ICU might be better to do FIRST before ER.....Additionally, I found it EXTREMELY helpful to take a PHTLS course (taught by firefighters and paramedics), to have some insight/knowledge/practice/learning about pre-hospital trauma care. -Good Luck to you!!!
  7. Belle12

    er or icu first?

    I have recently been hired on as a flight nurse, with ONLY having an ICU background...Although I have never worked in the ER, I strongly suggest experience in ICU...You will learn an excellent head to toe assessment, comprehensive monitoring (Invasive monitoring devices such as PA catheters, IABP's), titration of multiple vasoactive gtt's, ventilators and how to take care of a critically ill patient as a "whole".... We also have our fair share of "Codes" as well...I have colleagues who have went from an ICU setting to the ER and said it was a "Piece of cake". I have also had colleagues go from the ER to an ICU and say it was somewhat difficult...Just my thoughts and suggestions
  8. Belle12

    Flight Nurse Interview

    Wow! Thanks a lot Rio for all your information...I will "study up" on some of my weak spots...I am so excited for this interview I can hardly stand it!!
  9. Belle12

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    Although I am not a CRNA (yet), I have been doing my homework on this topic...What I find interesting is that studies indicate no differences (morbidity&mortality) whether anesthesia is delivered by a CRNA or an MDA...The practice of anesthesia whether you label it the practice of "medicine" or "nursing" is safer now, than say 60 yrs ago...you can't argue with the statistical data comparing CRNAs to MDAs....My own opinion: I think a collaborative approach to EVERY aspect in healthcare is important...Everyone has varying backgrounds, education, experiences and brings something special to every situation. All people have strengths and weaknesses (Yes, even doctors have weaknesss!)
  10. Belle12

    Flight Nurse Interview

    I have an interview next week for a "flight nurse" position... Can anyone tell me what types of questions to expect? Any other comments, suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!
  11. Belle12

    GRE Preparation

    There are a few I used...Kaplan makes a great GRE prep book that contains all components of the GRE (Analytical writing, Verbal and Quant). Its basically what you will learn in $1000 course! Kaplan also makes a small "GRE flashcard/book" with like 500 vocab words...It defines the word, uses it in a sentance, and gives you some synonyms...I highly recommend using it, b/c when I took the GRE (I've taken it 2x's), I was able to recognize @ 80% of the vocabulary words (VERY HELPFUL)...Another great tool, is a CD-ROM which comes in the back of the Barron's GRE 2006-2007 book...It has a scored diagnostic test, and many timed practice exam questions. The format is identical to that of the GRE CAT you will be taking... Good Luck!!
  12. Belle12

    gpa 3.2

    I think there are several things you can do to "Improve" the appearance of your application.... 1) Experience 2) CCRN 3) Become ACLS/BLS Instructor and other things to "beef up" your application 4) Attend an Anesthesia conference 5) Meet with the director of the school where you are applying 6) Do some Clinical Shadows of a CRNA I have a strong GPA, yet a poor GRE score....These are the things I have done to "Make up" for my short comings...It's not a guarantee, but it makes you look ambitious, dedicated and motivated.
  13. Belle12

    Any help would be appreciated

    I'd give you some contacts, but I live in CA...Your best bet is to call a local CRNA program director/admin, and ask if they can give you the number of someone whom you may shadow. Many CRNA programs actually require a clinical shadow; and will offer assistance in finding you a CRNA to shadow. (Usually a graduate of their program). Good Luck!!
  14. Belle12

    What is a "Competitive" GRE score?

    I just finished taking the GRE and am wondering what in the world "competitive" GRE scores are for CRNA school. I can't find ANY frame of reference to compare my scores to...How am I supposed to know how well I did?
  15. Belle12


    I have heard from others who did their interviews, that they REALLY want to see if you know what a CRNA does; the role, function et. I'm told that many people applying for CRNA schools, don't have a clue what a CRNA is/does...If you haven't shadowed a CRNA, I bet it would help before your interview. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  16. Belle12

    Why do you love anesthesia??

    I am applying to CRNA school for admission next fall....As an ICU nurse, I love hemodynamics, physiology, ventilators and of course titrating multiple vasoactive gtt's ...CRNA seems like a "step up" from what I am doing now...I went into the OR to "shadow" a CRNA and was totally amazed at the amount of knowledge they had. Made me feel like I learned nothing in my 6yrs in the ICU.