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Hi all, I just found this forum and I find the information to be very helpful and extensive. I am entering my final year in my RN program and I have a question in regards to joining the military... Read More

  1. by   trixietl
    Yes, they do pay for your loans. Maybe they started this since you last checked. I just signed the papers. I had a choice of taking a $30,000 sign-on bonus, or a $10,000 sign on with them paying off my loans. They pay up to $38,000 per year with a max of $110,000 total. Maybe this is a new change you weren't aware of. Thanks for your input and good luck with your schooling.
  2. by   armynse
    The loan repayment that you refer to is for regular direct accessions. I was referring to CRNA direct accessions who are afforded the benefit of a $100,000 education. I was in study group when I received your reply and no one in my group believed your claim of being accepted to USAGPAN as well as receiving a signing bonus. If your claim is correct, you will be receiving a $130,000 bonus to join the Army and attend the #2 CRNA program in the country. Thank you for the heads-up! All 36 of us will contact branch this week and find out why we weren't eligible for that money.

    Army, SRNA
  3. by   trixietl
    I called my recruiter after your response to let him know what you said. He told me he was just getting ready to call me about that (yeh, right). I thought I had signed everthing. Let the lies begin. He was not aware I was not eligible for bonus and loan repayment until he received a nasty mail from someone (again, yeh, right). Anyway, I am grateful you responded. He said I can file a claim that I was misinformed if I want to change my mind. Somehow I have a feeling that is a lie also. I did get a letter of acceptance into the program and had to fly to Texas this past weekend to interview with LTC Silvasy. This is something new they just started, I was told. It was a nice experience. I got to follow the Phase II students in OR and tour the sites. LTC Silvasy needs to send a letter of recommendation to the school now for new apps. Hopefully this situation isn't one lie of many to come. I guess we'll see. Thanks again.
  4. by   twoods2332
    My name is Tejon. I am ER nurse who plans to change to the ICU and apply to this program from next year. Please any SRNA give me advise on having a strong application and gaining acceptation. Thank you again. I am already a officer in the ANG.

    Respectfully yours,
    Tejon, RN BSN
    Future CRNA
  5. by   lkosrn
    Everyone is discussing pay? Put it into perspective...I get payed now $1300/pay check every 2 weeks. After taxes and health insurance...take home!!!
  6. by   lkosrn
    everyone is talking about t he $ give me a typical paycheck...right now i take home $1300/ biweekly! how does this compare.
  7. by   mellue8
    Thats $1300/2wks as an RN right?
  8. by   olderthandirt2
    my pay is about $1900 after taxes, every two healthcare is covered (I pay for dental for my husband which is cheap)......only life insurance comes out.......I am a 1LT in the Army CRNA program (1st year), hopefully I will get promoted next year...

  9. by   treisch
    As an ICU nurse I can tell you that you should DEFINITELY work as an ICU nurse for a year prior to going to school for CRNA.... the thought of anyone being accepted into the program without prior nursing experience is very scary to me! You will need to know how to run a code as a nurse anesthetist....shockable rhythms-- what drugs to use etc.... what drips to use if your patient is hypotensive in the OR-- how much to give-- fluids vs vasopressors--- things that can only be learned through experience... not a textbook! Even Anesthesiologists start off first as residents on the general floor and work their way up until they can specialize in anesthesia. Just food for thought-- but good luck!