May I have your opinion on the anesthesia field.

  1. Hi guys, I been on this nursing forum for a little over two years now and I am just going back to school now to finish up my high school education. I really like the topic of anesthesia and the idea of doing it, I have also seen it being done a few times and love it, the only negative about it is that it's the only study of medicine and nursing I love, is it stupid to try to become that if it's the only thing I want to be? if I wanted to go to med school only to become that is that stupid or if I wanted to go all the way through nursing school and practice as a nurse for 2 years just to become that is that not smart? I really need to know if I am making a mistake or if it is a reasonable idea.
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    What exactly are you asking?
  4. by   zoidberg
    take one thing at a time. finish high school. go to college. before I finished High school i thought i would be in dental school. now i hate looking at teeth. So... my point is, take it one step at a time, and be open to changing your mind.

    P.S. PLEASE pay attention in english class.
  5. by   Reminisce
    Pot - kettle.