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  1. I have a question about the CRNA job locations. I currently live in northern Chicago suburbs (close to Wisconsin border) and have worked in a few of the hospitals on both side of the border. However, I never have seen a CNRA work in the hospital. Are these positions usually found more in outpatient clinics and/or rural locations vs. larger cities?

    I'm thinking about starting a CNRA program but I don't want to relocate far from Chicago metro area.

    Let me know ..

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  3. by   wanttobeacrna
    Take a look at and this will give you some idea on where the jobs are.
  4. by   MelissaRN.FutureCRNA
    The thread is actually -- the other is a bad little site! ;-) But gaswork will give you an idea of where the jobs are and what they're paying. Be sure to take note of whether it is a 1099 or W2 job.
  5. by   srna wannabe
    There is a new school up by you .....check this out
    I think the class size was about 14 this was the first year.
    Also alot of times you might think you are dealing with an anesthesiologist but the individual might be a CRNA.
  6. by   MrChicagoRN
    I don't recall where I read it recently, but 69% of anesthesia is delivered by CRNA.

    Call the CRNA program at Rush or wherever & talk to someone there. They'll certainly give you the straight dope,
  7. by   CRNA, DNSc
    There is a program at Evanston/Northwestern.:spin: