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  1. wanttobeacrna

    Who's going to Anesthesia school?

    :balloons: FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY:balloons: I am so happy to say that I am going to Union in January, thank you for everyone's help!!! :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:
  2. wanttobeacrna

    CRNA class size?

    If the class size is so large chances are they have numerous clinical sites in different states. Good luck
  3. wanttobeacrna

    CCRN certification

    I don't think that there is a paper option anymore. It is icing on top of the cake especially if you don't have any graduate level classes or advanced chemistry classes..Bottom line is do not be afraid of it, just so long as you prepare, you'll be alright. Don't go into it cold, its too expensive to waste. Best of luck to you!!!
  4. wanttobeacrna

    CCRN certification

    There is a minimal amount of time that you need to work in the ICU with so many hours ICU time. When you register for the exam, they ask for a statement from your boss on how long you worked in the ICU etc. You take the exam at a testing center and just schedule your time. The test takes about 2-3 hours to take. Make sure you get the pass CCRN book and there is a disk in the book..Do this over and over until you are proficient and this will help you to pass the exam. Best of luck.
  5. wanttobeacrna

    School tuition????????/

    Anywhere from 7,000 for the program to over 50,000 and lots in between.
  6. wanttobeacrna

    texas westlyn program

    HEy has anyone have advice on the texas westlyn program and what the program is like?? Thanks for replying:idea:
  7. wanttobeacrna

    Team Nursing Approach in ED

    I worked in ER for 8 years..if you don't have a team in the Er...It just doesn't work. Forget primary nursing..your team will save your butt someday. Be glad they have this approach when you have your first critical chest pain or your first mass casuality.
  8. wanttobeacrna

    nurse anesthesia w/o BSN

    none that I know of..there are plenty of people that meet all the requirements and are struggling to get in. If they ask for it it isn't worth your time to apply without .....or money.
  9. wanttobeacrna

    Resume/Letter of Intent

    If they say 500 words, make it 500 words...some are looking if you can just follow directions. good luck:balloons:
  10. wanttobeacrna

    CAMC CRNA program

    What state do you live in???
  11. wanttobeacrna

    Chances of admittance to CRNA school after previous dismissal

    I would think that it would be very difficult. Sounds like he did not take this exceptional chance seriously. There are a lot of people that would take this chance seriously and are applying now. As it gets tougher and tougher to get in...he may just have to go back to floor nursing and buck it up.
  12. wanttobeacrna

    applying to Union in Tennessee

    Hello, I got on the waiting list for Union, how many of your classmates made it in on the waiting list???
  13. wanttobeacrna

    applying to Union in Tennessee

    They said in two weeks. The last interview was friday so I am not expecting anything until week from friday.....Good Luck!!!
  14. wanttobeacrna

    applying to Union in Tennessee

    That would be great..good luck!!!:welcome:
  15. wanttobeacrna

    Newman University KS???????

    Very family friendly program, most students are parents. The staff seems to be very knowledgeable. Just call them and ask them what they suggest you do to get in.
  16. wanttobeacrna

    OR experience ok to get in?

    Haven't seen any program that went on just OR experience, they all wanted critical care.

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