Job Hunt

  1. I'm entering anesthesia school in the Fall and I'm pinging the waters to find out how the job hunt is going for those students looking right now.
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  3. by   guest1
    Hi, I'm currently working on a CRNA position in Chicago. Seems hard to find anyone with the experience and certification. I think you'd be able to find something that's open, may need to network and/or relocate.

    Good Luck
  4. by   Zaphod
    I heard the market is getting tough for new graduates. Hopefully it is a better situation in few years.
  5. by   Hikingonthru
    I am in school right now as well. Four years ago...the CRNAs were getting signed by my hospital 6 months before they even took the cert exam. Now, they are over-run with CRNA applicants...tough to get a job period around here.
  6. by   Zaphod
    Where are you located. It would make sense to move to a state that has less crna programs and def. avoid florida.
  7. by   OrlandoFLNurse2b
    Why is FL a state to avoid for the practicing CRNA?
  8. by   JMHTICU RN
    its hard to get a job in florida ESpecially in Miami the market is saturated with experienced CRNA's so for new grads its quite difficult to get a job.
  9. by   sleeper64
    the state of fl is graduating over 300 anesthesia students a year. Do the math. CRNAs in Fl are currently experiencing cuts in benefits, call pay, and base salaries are slowing going down, also cuts in hours and overtime. Students are frequently used instead of CRNA's.