Is this job hopping/bad?

  1. Hi everyone,

    i graduated nursing with with the intention of working in ICU for 2-3 years before crna school and didn't imagine I would be in a different ICU from the one I started in, but here we are:

    I worked in ICU number one (level 1) for 14 months loved it but I decided to move to ICU number 2 (small) d/t family/personal reasons - been here for 6 months. I now want to move to a CVICU in order to learn hemodynamics on a more critical level not currently offered by my small ICU. Does this look bad on my resume? Would you advice for or against this move?
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  4. by   mindy kaling
    Adding: these are 3 different hospitals within an hr of each other
  5. by   PresG33
    I think leaving a job in less than a year is semi suspect. I'm assuming you want to go to CRNA school b/c that's the forum you posted in, so the optics of that type of move is important when admissions committees are looking through hundreds of resumes and trying to weed some out. Small things like that might make a difference. That being said I think going to a CVICU will give you the best experience for school. Best option: get the CVICU job and work the small ICU job per diem for another year. That way you get your experience and it at least looks like you kept the other job for longer than 6 months. Other best option is to get a job at CVICU effective one year after you started the other job so that you will have left the small ICU at one year.
  6. by   loveanesthesia
    I doubt nurse anesthesia programs will mind, but also consider when you plan to apply. Hard for a new job to give references prior to a year. If you plan to apply a year from now, I'd move. Staying per diem at the small ICU is a good idea. Shows that you choose to leave and still have good relationships.