interview with union

  1. My interview is in 3 weeks...anyone out there with any advice on what to expect....responses are greatly appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   merlebo02
    Not to discourage you, but I would not give Union 2cents of my money. I do not feel that they are a fair college at all, and only let in there select few. I applied there with another girl which had not even finished her bsn yet and she got in over me even though our GPA and GRE scores was the same. There interview sucks bad. It was much more intensive than any other interview I have been to. They sit with you at a table and drill you on medical questions (app 7 of them) for about 45 min and then you have to type an essay on what you perceive the diff to be between grad and undergrad work. Oh yea and the "English board will grade your essay" is what they tell you LOL. Not only that they cost twice as much as any other school in the state!!!! Thats just my 2 cents
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Quote from merlebo02
    I do not feel that they are a fair college at all, and only let in there select few.
    They are a graduate nursing program and a private university. The whole point of the admissions process, essay, and interview is to determine who THEY feel would be the best candidate for their program. So yes, ALL anesthesia schools have the ability to choose which applicants THEY want.

    Call the school, see why you didn't get accepted. See if there is anything they advise you to brush up on or retake in school. Reapply next year.

    Good Luck
    Yes they are a private funded college and they make thier own rules, so therfore you have no leway with anything. In reality you have no leg to stand on if a situation presents itself. I came very close doing my BSN upgrade through a private college cause their credential would look nice on my diploma, but after talking to school officails and students I realized you were completly at their mercy, more so than at a regular college. Now I know crna and bsn upgrade are apples and oranges, just beware...
  6. by   spideyunit
    just wondering if you had your interview yet and how it went for you? i am interviewing at eastern carolina in a few weeks. any advice you can give would be appreciated.