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merlebo02 has 5 years experience.

I have been an RN for 5 yrs and have just been accepted back into CRNA school

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  1. merlebo02

    Saudi Arabia - Good Idea or Not

    You people are killing me on how critical you are of someone who wrote what she thinks!! We live in America and she has the right to say what she wants to say, yea, even if you disagree with it!!!
  2. merlebo02

    Paralytic Question

    MOONSHINE, it is documented in several books but one I will quote that I have on hand is Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease 4th ed which states, " Potassium release following administration of succinylcholine is not exaggerated in patients with chronic renal failure, although there is a theoretical concern that those with extensive uremic neuropathies might be at increased risk. Likewise, caution is indicated when the preop serum potassium concentration is in the high-normal range, as this finding combined with max drug induced potassium release (.5-1 mEq/L) could result in dangerous hyperkalemia" (p. 353). Hope this helps!!!!
  3. merlebo02

    Paralytic Question

    Persons with elevated Potassium level due to renal failure do not experience an even higher potassium level when given Succinylcholine. Succinylcholine is not contraindicated in persons with renal failure, although is should be used cautiously.. Skipaway named all the problems that will increase K level even further Acute burns or trauma within 72 hrs prolonged immobilization myopathies (should not be given to children) paraplegia or any nerve damage
  4. merlebo02

    Free anesthesia medication/flash cards

    I would love to have it also, I have my pharm test coming up after christmas break so this would be very helpful!!!!!
  5. merlebo02

    DNP by 2025!

    yea, thats what I was fixing to say, PHd and DNP are to totally diff birds. I dont think persons with the MSN will have to go back get their DNP nor will they be just given the title DNP. Those practicing currently will be able to continue to practice under your current license but those coming up if they go through any program they will be getting there DNP. Pharmacy schools have just done this a couple of years ago!!!!
  6. merlebo02

    Malignant Hyperthermia

    MH can happen as much as 36 hours after surgery!!! I have read and been taught that prophylactic dantrolene does not improve the outcomes and should not be used. The pt should definetly be monitored very closely paying close attention to CO2 as it is the first thing to go up. If MH is suspected pt should be given 100% 02 atleast 10L/min, dantrolene 2-10mg/kg (needs to be continued after started for 36 hrs given every 6hrs), may need ice packs under arm pits, under knees, around neck, and may need to give sodium bicarb in that it will cause acidosis. You will also need to start some fluids to keep the kidneys flushed in that kidney failure could develop. Also will want to watch the K level in that it will go up. If there is a pt/family hx of MH a pt can still have surgery just dont need to use volatile anesthetics or SUCC's, with this known MH alot let common. AM I ON TRACK, what else should or should not be added
  7. merlebo02

    interview with union

    Not to discourage you, but I would not give Union 2cents of my money. I do not feel that they are a fair college at all, and only let in there select few. I applied there with another girl which had not even finished her bsn yet and she got in over me even though our GPA and GRE scores was the same. There interview sucks bad. It was much more intensive than any other interview I have been to. They sit with you at a table and drill you on medical questions (app 7 of them) for about 45 min and then you have to type an essay on what you perceive the diff to be between grad and undergrad work. Oh yea and the "English board will grade your essay" is what they tell you LOL. Not only that they cost twice as much as any other school in the state!!!! Thats just my 2 cents
  8. merlebo02

    student loans vs academic market

    Come on guys, can anybody help me out???? :spin:
  9. merlebo02

    student loans vs academic market

    In the state of Mississippi we are able to get in-state tuitin cost when going to out of state schools because Mississippi does not offer the CRNA program. This is a program called the academic common market I believe. Anyways the financial aid office is using the money that I am get from this program towards my student loans (stafford loans). You can only get $20,500 total student loans and putting the academic common market money (the difference b/ out of state and in state tuition cost) with the financial aid money is cutting me out on actual student loan money!!! Any of you guys ever heard of this????
  10. merlebo02

    CRNA school

    I am going to the UT program!!!!!
  11. merlebo02

    CRNA school

    Hey guys, I am new to the site and just thought I would make a post introducing myself. My name is Steve and I am a male in his upper 20's from Ms. I am currently living in the Memphis area and will be going back to CRNA school starting this July. Hope to get alot of good information from you guys and will try to give good sound advice in return!!