I need some motivation!!!

  1. I'm currently in my first semester for my RN/ADN program. Honestly, so far it's easy. I'm curious on how my grades will play a dramatic role in my acceptance for CRNA. I'm have an A in one class and a B in another. I know that I really want to be an anesthetist when i'm done with school. I guess I love the autonomly of the field.
    Well right now i'm hardly studying for this course and pretty much winging it.
    I'm just curious on how my grades from this program will determine my acceptance?
    If you have any information please help me. I think that i'm lacking the motivation, I guess I feel that i'm not challenged right now.
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  3. by   MB37
    If it's "easy," you need to have all As. You might not be so lucky next semester. Grades may or may not be the be all and end all, depending on where you apply, but they're important everywhere. Many schools require a 3.0 to apply, and several "recommend" a 3.5 to be "competitive." There are a few that don't have a set minimum, and place more weight on experience, interview, etc., but you have to be outstanding in other catagories to offset even slightly mediocre grades, from what I've heard and read on here. Also, CRNA programs tend to require upwards of 60 hours/week of classroom, clinicals, and study - are you going to be prepared for that if you can't even buckle down in an ADN program? I'm not trying to dissuade you, but you need to address the reasons you're losing motivation and work to correct them now.
  4. by   Frigle
    If it's easy for you to make A's then make A's. The higher your GPA when you apply to anesthesia school the better. Why are you in a ADN program? You are gonna need your Bachelor's degree to get in anyway.
  5. by   jnmoore02
    I wanted to start of small first, wasn't sure on the choice of being a nurse, so that is why I chose the ADN program. With grades and school I should be more focused and grounded. I'm 22 so I think my maturity level is still a bit childish. I know that once I finish this nursing program I will buckle down for my BSN and apply for the CRNA school. So I take it that your GPA plays a important role for the program. Next semester I will shift my self in gear. Thanks for the pep talk
  6. by   nrs33246
    I also started with the ADN, then BSN completion (family life made that easier). I agree with the other users that if you can make the grades now, do so. Things will only get harder (usually), but I can understand about the motivation part.

    I interviewed last year at UDM in Detroit, and made the alternate list. I just interviewed at WSU, and re-applied to UDM. However, the whole application process this time around was very emotionally draining. I felt a distinct lack of motivation, even though I have my heart set on the program. I guess that the rejection hurt so bad last time, I do not want to go through it again!

    Anyway, motivation aside, if this is what you really want you need to find a way to push yourself. It is so much easier to bring down a GPA due to "winging it" than it is to bring that GPA back up. (In both of my interviews so far, they have spent time discussing grades for all of my schooling. But all programs are different.)

    Good luck to you!

  7. by   jnmoore02
    Have you tried applying at the army/airforce anesthestist program. I'm sure that you might be able to get a slot if you joined the guards or reserve. Look into it, because that is the same plan I have set for my self at the moment.
  8. by   helloRN
    a good undergard GPA goes a long way