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Hi all, I have another question. I will be graduating with BSN in May 08 right after I turn 34. My husband is retired from the Navy but does not have a high paying civilian job, we have an 8 yo... Read More

  1. by   kirbybunny
    Quote from mitch8lem
    so, do you have you ICU experince and are you done with your BSN?
    Not sure if this is directed at me, but I'll answer. I will finish my BSN in May, and currently I have 3.5 years of Cardiac Surgery ICU experience. The school accepts students early because they require you to have all the "core" MSN classes out of the way before the anesthesia coursework starts.

    ~ Jen
  2. by   carveronica
    This question is boring. If you are to worried about your age maybe you shouldn't purse CRNA. AGE IS NOT A FACTOR!! JUST GO FOR IT
  3. by   sirJazz
    im 26 male, RN-BSN, CCRN-CMC. scheduled for interivew at VCU next month. wish me luck! well its never too late. a dream is a dream!
  4. by   BamaCRNA2B
    I am 25 years old and will be starting at Samford University in January. I will be 27 upon completion of the program.
  5. by   NMB IVP
    I am 23 yo male. I start @ Samford University in Birmingham, AL on January 7, 2008. I will be 25 when I graduate in May 2010!
  6. by   in2b8nsed8
    Quote from OpenheartAmy
    Remember the story about the 80 year old woman taking Hebrew classes. A fellow classmate asked her what she was doing taking classes at her age, and she looked at the person and plainly said, "It's the only age I have left.".

    No matter what AGE you will be when you graduate, you will be that age ANYWAY. Food for thought....yummy snacks all around.
    Best of luck to all!
    love it!!! We all have to remember this one!
  7. by   Kola
    what route did u take?
  8. by   tj1189
    im 19 but still got a ways to go
  9. by   CRNA1982
    Im 26 and starting my program right now; will be 28 when I graduate. I am one of the youngest in my class; one person is 23. Everyone else is about 28-40.