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Hi all, I have another question. I will be graduating with BSN in May 08 right after I turn 34. My husband is retired from the Navy but does not have a high paying civilian job, we have an 8 yo... Read More

  1. by   GenXnurse
    36 Now- Applying next summer (I'll be 37) Hopefully accepted and start when I am 38- Probably 40-41 by the time I get done (assuming acceptance and such.) Good luck.
  2. by   LVigilo
    Im 20 I'll be finishing my BSN program online throgh Chamberlain University in Mar 08 just b4 i turn 21(can't wait) I am planning to attend Case Western in 09 or 10 for their 28 month CRNA program.

    P.S a little more about me I left highschool right after my 10th grade year because i felt it was a waste of time and obtained my GED. I started nursing school when i as 16 and originally sought out to be an LPN but i wouldnt be able to take my NCLEX until 18 so i went for the RN route, which i completed in August 2005.
  3. by   Frigle
    I'm 34 and just started in August.
  4. by   DaveCRNA
    Just to throw my plan out there. I finished my BA last May. Turned 35 this summer and just started in a CVSICU. I will start applying to CRNA schools next year and hope to finish just prior to my oldest graduating High school. I don't think finishing at 40 is too old. Lots of time left to work.
  5. by   NurseHerms
    Im 25. Starting school May 2008 and will be 27 going on 28 when i gragitate!
  6. by   Frigle
    One of my dad's friends started anesthesia school when he was 52, so I say that you are never too old. Go for it!
  7. by   mitch8lem
    Quote from jen123321
    I'm 23...starting in 09. will be almost 27 when i'm done.
    How do you know that you are starting in '09. Where are you going?
  8. by   Vich
    Quote from jen123321
    I'm 23...starting in 09. will be almost 27 when i'm done.
    You got accepted for an '09 program? :uhoh21:
  9. by   NMB IVP
    I am a 23 yo male. RN, BSN, CCRN with 2.5 years experience. I have 7 interviews scheduled for schools that start August of 08. I already interviewed once at Samford U and got wait listed, but that was before completing my BSN and having CCRN.
  10. by   HELLOnurse127
    I'm 27, no kids and sold my house. Hubby and me moved in with the rents to help with school!!!
  11. by   browneyes39401
    I will be 28 when i start UTmemphis in july '08, and be 31 upon completion
  12. by   kirbybunny
    Quote from Vich
    You got accepted for an '09 program? :uhoh21:
    That's nothing, I got accepted to start Fall 2010! I am currently interviewing at other places to see if I can start earlier.

    ~ Jen
  13. by   mitch8lem
    so, do you have you ICU experince and are you done with your BSN?