How do I know CRNA is for me? (INTP/INTJ)

  1. Only 6 months out of school (BSN) and I am not liking nursing at all! I'm not sure if it's b/c I'm still new (ie, uncomfortable, insecure) or if it's the job itself I don't like - so I am not ready to write it off just yet (at least, not on most days). My purpose in going to nursing school and becoming an RN was to ultimately become a CRNA; however, before investing more time and money in pre-reqs, I think I should get an idea of what it is *really* like.

    Prior to nursing school, as part of my severance pkg when I got laid off from my previous "career," I took the Myers-Briggs Type thing. If anyone here is into that, I would love some feedback. According to their inventory, I am an INTJ/INTP equally. Several of the same health-related professions come up for both types - absent is "nurse." But does that mean I will dislike working as a CRNA (as much as I dislike nursing)?

    Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any feedback/guidance/advice anyone working as or working towards becoming a CRNA may have for me. Even better - if anyone is in the KC area and knows of a "shadowing" program, I would very much be interested in looking into that.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   ~FloridaCCRN~
    Try shadowing a CRNA for a few days to see if you think you may like it.
    Here is a link to a thread about personality type/CRNA's:
    Hope this helps:wink2:
  4. by   Pete495
    I'm taking a class right now that required us to do the MBTI thing, and I thought it was bogus. I did it twice, and got a different answer both times. Also, we did another scale which was the equivalent, and I got a different score on that too.

    Nursing is not an easy profession. many nurses start out in the wrong job, and are not happy until they move on to another. but then there are those who are very goal directed, and know what they want to do without letting anyone stand in their way. In this regard, if you want to be a CRNA, don't let anything stand in your way. If you are unhappy with your current job situation, then change it. Hopefully you are working in some type of critical care unit. If you are in med-surg or whatever, I would expect you to complain A LOT because there is a lot of BS that goes with this job. It may take awhile until you are comfortable in critical care anyway, so don' fret too much.

    You can easily shadow a CRNA just about anywhere. try your current hospital, or check with crna or managers at local hospitals. I agree you should get an idea of whether you want to become a CRNA, and shadowing and talking to people about it is a start.
  5. by   Nitecap
    Research the field, follow a CRNA for a few days to see the role. Try following a few diff. ones or a few diff cases so you can see a variety. Visit a school and talk to students and professors. Just make an educated and surely sound decision based on your likes, strengths, weaknesses and desire.

    If you don't like the clinical arena then Anesthesia may not be the thing for you. Your are just out of school, give it time but be proactive in advancing your career. Word of advice, don't go to school unless you know 100% that you want it and want it bad because school is rigorous, expensive, time consuming and if you end up not liking it then you may be in a bind. Good luck.
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    I sent you a private message.
  7. by   Air'n
    I live in K.C., KS and am in nursing school. I just called Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill I said I wanted to shadow some CRNA's. With no background check or confidentiality paperwork they had me in OR scrubs and observing a gastric bypass in 10 minutes. I got to hang out all day & pester the CRNA's with questions. God bless busy county trauma hospitals.
  8. by   kc_jellybean
    Thx for the info on TMC...I will definately give them a call!
  9. by   kc_jellybean
    Yes, admittedly I am still uncomfortable with the clinical arena...makes me wonder if pharmacy isn't more my speed. Maybe after I have a year on the unit I will be better educated re: what path I should take!
  10. by   jenniek
    Quote from kc_jellybean
    Yes, admittedly I am still uncomfortable with the clinical arena...makes me wonder if pharmacy isn't more my speed. Maybe after I have a year on the unit I will be better educated re: what path I should take!
    I'm going to warn you, it may take at least a year, or more, to feel comfortable in critical care. It's a stressful area and your length or orientation is only the beginning of learning about everything. As you become better at time management and juggling/prioritizing your pt needs, things will get better. Don't rust yourself and run off and change profession quite yet!
  11. by   ivypetals
    Best of luck to you in whatever you do. I am very lucky in that I am doing a long term rotation with an MDA....long story but I beat the bushes and found someone that would take me as a student. My willingness to come to the OR 2 days a week and stay until all cases are complete shows my desire to be a CRNA...I'm working in the ER at present. Nursing is very frustrating. For me, CRNA is all I think about, study for and work towards. MY MDA as I have started calling him gave me the best advise...if you don't like the job it doesn't matter what you are getting paid...he went on to say that he would do anesthesia even if the pay sucked! Good luck to you. If you could do CRNA work without pay then I'd say you've found your calling...if not then move on.