Help with Missouri State U interview???!!!

  1. I want to know if there is anybody who went through MSU interview??? Im scheduled to have one in Sept. !!! ANy tips please help.
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  3. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Just had one this past saturday, we find out monday if we get in. Most of their interview was nonclinical stuff, with questions more along the lines of finding out more about you and your background and how it will affect you in school. As their director said "we know you know your stuff, we want to knowo if we can put up wit you for the next 30 months" (maybe not an exact quote, but close). But some candidates did get some clinical questions, i know of at least 2 that got no clinical questions, and 2 more that got 1.
    There were 12 candidates there, 8 female, 4 male (age range, this is a guess, seemed to be from 25 (me) to mid-30s, possibly low-40s). They told us they wanted to fill 7 spots, but may only take 6. The day started with a presentation by the director that answered a lot of common questions, like passing rate, number of procedures done by graduates vs national average, a really good presentation.
    Then the interviews started. and those that weren't familar with the hospital were given a tour. There were 3 different interview rooms, each with a panel of 4 people, an MDA, CRNA, SRNA, and a faculty member of the biomedical dept. Each candidate went to all rooms, for abour 15 minutes each. So there was quite a bit of down time, but it allowed you to meet the other candidates.
    All in all, it was a good day, totally not what i was expecting, but it wasn't really a stressful environment for an interview, and all the faculty seemed really nice and approachable.
    Oh, and just in case you were thinking about how to dress, every candidate was in proper business attire - suits and ties for the guys, and most of the ladies wore pant suits. Most of the faculty also had on suits and ties, or sport coats, 1 or 2 of them were business casual though. So as Barney would say "SUIT UP!".
    Any more questions, just PM me.
  4. by   MO Flight RN
    Did you get in? I have an interview next Saturday. Thanks for the information. I have talked to several CRNAs that have gone through the program and all have said the same thing as you. Thanks again.
  5. by   AR_ICU_RN
    No, i didnt get in for the august class, but my best friend did. And i also am interviewing next saturday, so see you there, and good luck!
  6. by   MO Flight RN
    Thanks. Hope to see you there and good luck also.
  7. by   Fish O<
    Did you get in??? My husband did, and I was just seeing who else did.
  8. by   AR_ICU_RN
    Yes! I did get in! Is your husband the flight nurse?
  9. by   MO Flight RN
    Yes, I got in. Congrats to your husband. Does he work in NTICU at the John? Think I met him Saturday.
  10. by   Fish O<
    Yes, he works in Neuro Trama ICU (not the flight nurse) but I bet you all figured that out. Congrats to you both. We are really excited.
  11. by   ghaleon128
    Are most interviews like that? Seems like a long day lol...
  12. by   singh1981
    My Nursing school GPA is 3.86 and GRE is 1310/1600. Can someone tell me if I can get in Missouri state university nurse anesthesia program with just one year ICU experience?
  13. by   AR_ICU_RN
    From my experience (two interviews with them, getting in the second time) they seem to really like at least 2 yrs, it seems that everyone i talked to at the interviews (about 24 in total) had at least 2 years. But it never hurts to try. They are really nice and don't mind being asked questions, email the director and ask him for yourself.
  14. by   singh1981
    Thanks for your reply. I had gone to the springfield to take my NCLEX and had a talk with the program director. He said that among all the students they have in the program so far, only 10% of them were with one year experience. So I am thinking that there is a hope. I am planning to have interview with them for either august 2008 or January 2009 classes. Can I ask you that which class had you applied for? Do you have any suggestion what about any other universities where I should apply with a one year experince.