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My GRE score is not great. Can anyone give me an idea of what GRE's have been accepted?... Read More

  1. by   jackielou
    I applied to UNCC-Carolinas Healthcare's program and my composite GRE was 1400: Verbal 620, Math 780, and Writing 5. But I've met some people who've applied with scores between 1000-lower 1000's and got accepted. Good luck!
  2. by   jen123321
    I feel like an idiot!!...took the gre's today verbal-380 quant-510. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I guess my vocab was not up to par. Called the schools I applied to, they said OK, need to wait until analytical writing scores come in and to remember that this is not the deciding factor for's just a piece. Well an 890 is not even close to a competitive score in my book! My cummulative gpa is 3.78 so, I'm no idiot, but for the life of me can't understand how my verbal score could be so low! I want to re-take it in a month or so after I cram my brain with vocab......any other advice?
  3. by   piper_for_hire
    I studied for 3 months (not everyday or anything) and scored in the 94th percentile for verbal so studying will do the trick. Trust me, I'm no English professor. Sounds like your GRE score doesn't really matter though - so why bother taking it again? In my case, I studied like a madman because my school of choice cared about the score and I have academic plans after NA school..

  4. by   zozzy777
    I got in with a 470 verbal, 540 math 4.5 on written and gpa 3.1. I kicked butt on my interview and prayed ALOT!! I know I am blessed!
  5. by   Jarnaes
    Check out It's a free GRE prep site.
  6. by   jen123321
    Thanks guys. Think I'm just going to take a week off and forget about the whole thing and then start studying again if that's what I need to do. Hopefully, I won't have to take them again, but we'll see...
  7. by   proclivity
    Quote from Jarnaes
    Check out It's a free GRE prep site.

    Thanks Jarnes, i signed up and have been tootin' around on there for about an hour. Got 40 of 52 vocab right on my first shot.....still hate those analogies though. They are the bane of my existence.
  8. by   ctucker
    I got in with a 950 and 3.5. My GPA was 3.89 undergrad. I also had been a nurse for 7 years, but only 3 years of ICU a small ICU. I have passed my CCRN but that has been since I was accepted. Never give up. I highly recommand the kaplen review book the disk is very very helpful.