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My GRE score is not great. Can anyone give me an idea of what GRE's have been accepted?

mmc-rockstar specializes in Trauma/Surgical ICU, L&D.

Don't fret the GRE too much. I got in w/ 450 verbal 610 math 4.5 writing. A friend of mine scored 400/400 and made the alt list, but she was called up recently, so....800/1060.....doesn't matter now!!! The school you are applying too is really important. I have heard of programs that won't consider less than a 1000 or 1100 (esp texas) So check around and call the directors to see what their standards are. By the way, I am going to Westminster in SLC.

Putu2Sleep specializes in ICU.

Most schools require at least a combined 1000 and some require certain scores on the analytic part as well. I've seen some schools same at least 4, or even 4.5. If you didnt get 1000 I would definetly retake it.

jen123321 specializes in SICU; Just accepted to CRNA school!.

I take gre's next week....what should I be expecting? It's the last thing I have to submit to the 3 schools I've applied to...I'm pretty nervous about the test.

CAPRN77 specializes in Anesthesia.

I've been accepted to Northeastern University in Boston with a 1030 on the math and verbal and a 5.5 on the written. My GPA was a 3.54

jackson74 specializes in critical care.

Generally >1000 on the verbal and quantitative combined. 4.0 or > on essay.

jen123321 specializes in SICU; Just accepted to CRNA school!.

I take GRE's in a week and have no clue what to expect...I've reviewed vocab/math etc...but not hardcore studying. If I don't know it now, then I guess I'll never know it...they say if you're getting 30% of the ?s right, then you're doing better than 80% of the people who take it....we'll see. any advice?

piper_for_hire specializes in SRNA.

Think I had around a 1300 - something like that. From what I understand it only really matters if it's low OR your GPA is low and a good GRE can impress. Anything over 1100 should be good.


dfk specializes in Critical Care, Emergency.

900. It is terrible!

i don't feel so bad with my 910 then.. thanks for the lift neurogeek

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