Financial aid issues...advice wanted please!

  1. I start CRNA school in January and my financial office gave me their calculation of my cost of attendance today...$23,284! I spoke at length with them and they have informed me that they absolutey can not increase this number! They said that I will only be able to borrow up to this amount per year and that they will not certify any additional loans, federal or otherwise! I am a bit worried. I have a mortgage and 2 teenagers and car payments. I know financial stuff has been discussed extensively on here...I have read it all. However, a lot of the information is not current, and therefore, does not accurately reflect the current economy and changes in lending rules. Even sharply trimmimg my lifestyle, I still need about $50,00 per year. Does anyone know what I can do to get them to increase my COA? Or does any of you know about any lenders that currently lend without regard to COA or that do not require school certification? I can borrow a little from family members, but not enough to make up the difference between my COA and what I actually need. Please help!
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  3. by   kimora25
    Does anyone know what SRNA are doing for finances while in school in addition to loans?
  4. by   ckh23
    My program doesn't start until August 2012 so I'm taking this time to save up and my wife will work while I go to school. I also have the GI Bill to help with school as well.

    OP look into grad plus loans, but I think your option for living expenses is to get private loans.
  5. by   Skip219
    Hi, there are MEDcap loans out and other private loans which are unsubsidized. Unfortunately, I used inheritance money, retirement accounts, and students loans to support my family while in school. I was not successful in my program. I owe the IRS due to retirement liquidations, and student loans are all due. So I work two jobs as a nurse. Oh by the way, you cant deduct your tuition as a professional expense b/c it qualifies you for a new job. The IRS audit pointed that out. Be careful, work hard, and don't take any crap from preceptors. I was too nice...and it doesnt pay obviously.
  6. by   Maxmatlock
    I am in my first semester in CRNA school and I borrowed 45k for each semester. I took out the basic loans as well as grad plus and alternative loans. I have 2 kids and they let me have more money because of that. Your schoo(financial aid office)l should know all this.