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Just wondering if any other BSN students or recent grads have noticed a lot of people with a goal to become a CRNA. I can name 20 to 30 right off the top of my head, when I started 3 years ago I... Read More

  1. by   llg
    Another aspect of this issues is that a lot of nursing students say they are interested in CRNA roles and/or NP roles because those are some of the few advanced nursing career paths they know. They know very little about all the other options and don't know what else to say.

    I interview students for student extern positions and ask them what their long term goals are. Over 50% say either NP or CRNA. Later, when teaching them classes on career planning I ask them why they say that and why they chose those roles over the other opportunities that nursing has to offer. By then they know me well enough to admit to me that they are fairly clueless about nursing careers and responded as they did during the interview because it sounds good. They are usually grateful to have opportunities to learn about other options (though of course, for some people CRNA and NP roles are the right choices.)

  2. by   endorphinrush
    To be honest, I did look at "other things". I work pretty close with several SA's at our hospital. I contemplated going back for that. However, compensation is very low considering what they are responsible for. Yea, they make more than I do starting out but not much. Sure their top end is higher than mine as an RN but they don't make pay that is equal to their responsibility. Also, out of all of the SA's I spoke to only one had anything that could be considered positive to say. His reply.........it pays my bills. NP would be great but where I live...well we have University of Alabama at Birmingham. It ranks in the top 10 teaching hospitals in the Nation. Then we have Samford University, another top notch program, both churnig out NP's and now CRNA's. NP's don't get paid well here either. Maybe elsewhere but not here. I don't want that much more responsibility for only a few extra dollars. Not that is about money in the first place. Yea, it would be nice but barring CRNA......I'd teach That would be my second choice and we all know that doesnt pay lol.