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  1. zaga21

    Questions about Utah CRNA jobs

    CRNAs are not used very much at all in UT. There are a lot of med school grads that stay in UT or return to the state after school. Most MDs take lower pay to stick around close to family. There are groups but the largest and most powerful hospital chain in the state uses CRNAs very very little and only in the more rural hospitals. There are groups in areas but nothing like is seen in all the states around utah. Most UT natives end up taking positions out of state upon graduation. Pay is lower as well.
  2. zaga21

    Economics of The New Grad CRNA

    How would you know if its my business or not??????? He happens to be a very close friend and a business partner, who readily discussed the issue with me and asked my opinion before he purchased the home. I was not asking if you thought it was my business I was asking if working CRNAs like him thought it was resonable. You should not assume things, I'm not forcing my way into his personal finances he has been one of my best friends for 15 years. To answer the other questions on the board: debt from school was about 60k, his wife does not work, two young kids, and I want to know BECAUSE he asked if I knew any place to see what others in field have done in the past. Thought this might be a good place to inquire, I didnt think people would be so testy and judgemental.
  3. zaga21

    Economics of The New Grad CRNA

    I have a friend that graduated recently from CRNA School. He loves his job and got a pretty good salary, 120 - 130k. He just bought a $360,000 home in the area; he doesn't have a lot of debt outside of his CRNA student loan. My question is for you new grads. Do you think he spent too much? How much do you guys and gals plan to spend / spent? Just wondering, he seems to really love the work though.
  4. zaga21

    Future CRNA income

    I notice that a high percentage of CRNAs are those who were trained through some sort of on the job/ non-masters program. Does this mean that the same percentage has been in practice a longer period of time (as the masters program has been in place quite some time) and may be getting somewhat close to retirement??? How long has it been since you could become a CRNA this way, I would assume that a large percentage of CRNAs has been around since that time.
  5. zaga21

    Good Pharmacology Reference??

    I know most of you have worked in high acuity ICUs and many are now in CRNA school. What is a good pharm reference guide (about the size of the PDQ guide)? The nursing guides are okay but I need to know how the drug works in the body to remember it. What are some good guides that I can use ICU and Beyond? (that still contain important nursing related info)
  6. zaga21

    CRNA salary in 1980s

    In light of some of the legislation in the works a few people in the anesthesia dept were talking about the MDA and surgeon salaries in the 80's. I was wondering if CRNAs had a big down turn during that time as well. I had no idea that their salaries dropped since the 80s...or so the anesthesiologist told me. Don't flame me for this topic, just learning a little history here.
  7. zaga21

    Everyone and their dog

    Just wondering if any other BSN students or recent grads have noticed a lot of people with a goal to become a CRNA. I can name 20 to 30 right off the top of my head, when I started 3 years ago I found it hard to find people who knew anything about a CRNA, now everyone seems to know someone who is working toward this goal. I noticed the same thing when I was pre dental and I'm glad I changed. My brother is a dentist and can't get far enough away from the competition. Just wanted to get others thoughts in other areas. Its getting so bad here I am told I will have a hard time getting into the ICU because of all the pre anesthesia folks.
  8. zaga21

    Westminster in Salt Lake City

    Congrats on getting in to Westminster. I saw that they lifted the phys. req. How about Chem...how much did you take?, how many students do they take? where are the clinical sites? I heard it is spendy about how much do you expect for the 2.5 years?
  9. zaga21

    Is ER nursing Floor nursing???

    I think some of you took my question in the wrong light, I am well aware of what comes with the territory. I did my clinical hours in a hospital where the R.Ns spent a great deal of time messing with lunch trays, I know that is part of it, but not like this they must have been understaffed. I was just saying that I would prefer to be in a setting where the kitchen helped out more with this (like the other hospital I have worked at) I don't recall saying anything about not wanting to get a try for a starving family member who has not eaten a parcel of food in days, give me a break and don't be so quick to assume and attack "you may be best suited as an office nurse" Do you like code browns????? I didn't say I was trying to get out of them completely, but I would be willing to guess all of you ER adrenalin junkies wouldn't trade for an area where it is an every 15 min event. ??? I just wanted to know if it occurred less often, I am more than ready to help a person out in their time of need, they don't like it as much as we don't and its nice to help, I just would like to in an area where this is a part of the job but not the "main duty" sorry I must be human. Thanks to all of those who understood what I was saying and responded to my question and did not make snap judgments about me.
  10. zaga21

    Is ER nursing Floor nursing???

    This may be a dumb question but is ER nursing considered to be floor nursing? Do you do as much of the not so pleasant codes, bringing food and other things I really don't like so much about floor nursing? What other areas are considered to be non floor nursing positions? Cath lab? Thanks for any input.
  11. zaga21

    ICU life Before CRNA School

    In the next year I will finish my ADN and seek a job in an ICU. I don't really know what to expect life to be like in the year/s while I get experience and finish my BSN. What kind of experiences did you all have during that time frame? Did you go right into ICU (I hear people say no way, and some ya sure no problem)? Did you do Nights? How is that? Did you take an extra 12 some weeks to help support a family / get more hours in the unit (can I earn enough to live o.k in the ICU). I'm not trying to rush through anything, I just want to enjoy life until I get accepted however long that may be. I don't really know anyone in the position I will be in a less than a year from now so any thoughts would be great.