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  1. Transition from RN to MD. Need some advice please!

    There are also several med schools that do not require a Bachelors degree. For instance, the one I am thinking about applying to only requires 3 years of college and the completion of the pre-requisites (which could take less than a year to complete...
  2. Everyone and their dog

    It is that way where I live as well. I read all of these articles about how there is nothing to worry about because there will be plenty of jobs available due to the baby boomers aging and the schools only being able to graduate so many students. I ...
  3. CRNA salary in 1980s

    I have never heard about the pay being better in the 80's. I have heard rumors that the pay of CRNA's is not expected to increase much, and in some instances may even decrease (on average). I don't know how true this is, its just something I've read ...
  4. LPN to RN through testing?

    There is a weekend LPN-RN program at a Community College a few hours from me (they are in class all day, I think its from 8-5 or 9-4). I think more programs like that would benefit some LPN's wishing to become RN's.
  5. LPN to RN through testing?

    I see. I don't think it is too much to ask to take pre-requisites. The accelerated programs have pre-requisites as well. The 64 credit hours for the LPN-BSN program sounds extreme at first, but is sounds as if it is similar to my traditional BSN pro...
  6. LPN to RN through testing?

    Accelerated programs aren't trying to bypass continuing education by "testing out of" anything. I know of several people who have completed an LPN-RN bridge program in about 15 months (or less). :nuke:
  7. LPN to RN through testing?

    I don't think there should be any shortcuts to becoming an RN. In the time it would take to get the five years experience as an LPN one could have already completed an LPN-RN program. However, I do think that employers paying for LPN-RN bridge prog...
  8. I agree, especially with the bolded statement. The goal of my reply was just to point out the downside to interviewing nursing candidates. The good probably outweighs the bad.
  9. Yes, I understand that. I was simply saying that was one of the possible problems that could arise from an interview. I agree, most jobs require an interview, but even then there is still the possibility of personal bias.
  10. Well, that could actually be the case. The people on the selection committee are not immune to having personal bias. For example, I have read here that one can tell who would make a good nurse within the first few minutes of talking to them. Someth...
  11. Everyone and their dog

    Yes, I have noticed that just about everyone I have spoken to wants to be a CRNA. I think I liked it better when CRNA's were "the best kept secret in healthcare".
  12. AA school

    I don't know about your area, but where I live you can get hired as an Anesthesia Tech with paid on the job training. This might be something you want to look into before you start the program.
  13. "Just" a 2-year degree

    I was thinking the same thing. Although earning an ADN may take some people longer than two years to complete, it is still considered a two year degree.
  14. Plan B

    I'm personally against Plan B, because I'm one of those weirdoes that doesn't believe in premarital sex or birth control for myself. But it would not bother me if other people used it as they see fit.
  15. Racism in the workplace

    Wow, we need more people like you in this world. I can't believe that someone posted something on here which basically said oh well, just deal with it, we can't change it. If that were the case I would probably be a slave today. The truth is we c...