Duke CRNA FAll 2018

  1. I have never started a thread before so here it goes!!! I have just applied to Duke CRNA program for Fall 2018 I would love to hear from others who are going through the same process.
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  3. by   ipd_RN92
    I'm currently working on my application as well! Just gotta finish up the personal statements, then I take the GRE September 18. The webinar was very impressive. Seems like they have an excellent program with a lot of useful resources!
  4. by   rn1021
    I agree. I have looked at several different programs and was impressed with the resources. I worked at Duke a few years but moved to a hospital closer to where I live. Where will you becoming from?
  5. by   ipd_RN92
    Baton Rouge, LA. I work on the Trauma Neuro ICU at a level II trauma center in my hometown. Nearest Level I trauma center is about 1+ hour away in New Orleans, so we're still get the sickest traumas in the area.

    Where are you located currently?
  6. by   rn1021
    My husband is from Denham Springs!!! Hahahaha. I'm currently in Raleigh NC. My husband is active duty military.
  7. by   ipd_RN92
    Wow, small world for sure! Best of luck to you in applying!
  8. by   forbidden donut
    Finalizing my application this week hopefully. I'm on the West coast and Duke is cray-cray expensive, so Duke is not my first choice but it's still an exciting prospect. I have several coworkers who go here now and they raved about the whole admission process. Hoping I get an interview. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   rn1021
    That's awesome!!! Duke is crazy expensive but from what I hear totally worth it. So you work with some CRNA's that went to Duke? What did they have to say about the program? Are you applying to other programs?
  10. by   rn1021
    Is anyone going to the August 18th CRNA experience day??
  11. by   S.Bird
    I'm going to visit on the 18th. I have been waiting on the application cycle to open for months! So excited!
  12. by   rn1021
    That is Awesome!! I'll see you there. Where are you coming from? I am so nervous. Are you applying anywhere else?
  13. by   ipd_RN92
    Definitely envying you all right now. I found out about the on-campus experience waaaay after it filled up. Would've been a bit of a trip for me, but I could always use a good excuse to spend a weekend in NC! Hope y'all have a blast and find out some cool stuff about the program. Please feel free to share after, as the rest of us will be eager to hear about it!
  14. by   forbidden donut
    Hi rn1021. I used to work with some people who are now students at Duke. They have all raved about it. They talk about the top notch clinical rotations and professors and sim lab. I don't have much contact with them now, but they all think Duke is worth the money. They all mentioned how great the interview day was (yes it was a whole day). They talk about how the interview being a whole day really lets you relax a little bit more and allow yourself to truly interview them as well to see if it's going to be a good fit.

    And yeah I'm applying to several programs. My wife and I decided that this is the year if it's going to happen.