1. Do any of you recently graduated CRNAs have recommendations for study materials for the CRNA exam. I am especially interested in any that offer CDs or tapes. For instance Holloway an Fitzgerald offer tapes for the NP exam but is there such a thing offered for the CRNA exam?

    Thank you.
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  3. by   BigPappaCRNA
    I have worked with CRNA students actively for over two decades. "APEX" is truly new, and different. Very well received and well reviewed. Made to be used on mobile devices. Check it out.
  4. by   Shanimal
    I'm still an SRNA, but Apex and Valley Anesthesia are two popular CRNA board prep programs that I'm aware of. Not sure if either specifically offer lectures on CDs or tapes though.
  5. by   sandbag33
    Yeah, I visited those and I didn't see where they offer tapes of a recent seminar like Fitz and Hollier do...
    Thanks for the get back though...
  6. by   loveanesthesia
    Are you in a program? Read the textbooks and study your coursework. Don't start board review programs until the last semester. Learning anesthesia in order to appropriately care for patients should be the priority, and that will get you a long way to prepare for boards.
  7. by   Hobberdog
    Apex is 100% online. It will prepare you for boards. They do not offer lecture style learning. Read the reviews. It is worth it.
  8. by   Grizzly20
    Yep, APEX! All of those other board preps and courses are going by the wayside. Apex is the most relevant and comprehensive board prep in today's market. Cheapest I believe as well. They also do a 20% discount if you get others to sign up with you. We joined another class across the country and all signed up together.