Columbia University CRNA 2018

  1. Has anyone applied to Columbia University's CRNA program for 2018? Anyone have an interview yet?
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  3. by   Thesweetheart23
    Hi there!! I applied but no word just yet :-/ What about you?
  4. by   RNCASK
    Thank you for making this! Can anyone tell me any positive or negative aspects of the CRNA program at Columbia?
  5. by   Hopeful_crna
    I have an interview next week but am unable to find any information on the interview process. Has anyone heard anything?
  6. by   traumaRUs
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  7. by   emille17
    I have an interview coming up too. Super nervous about the interview. Here on the forum trying to find any useful information to prepare. Don't know if I should be spending time focusing on clinical or personal questions.
  8. by   Hopeful_crna
    There is very little information any where online about the interview but from the little information I could find, it sounds like it's not very clinical based if at all... at least I hope lol
  9. by   emille17
    That's the impression I'm also getting based on what I have found so far. Wish some past participant/ current student could shed some light. Either way, good luck to you!!
  10. by   hopefulcrna-
    I agree, I wish some people gave more of their input as well :/ are you from the NY area?
  11. by   emille17
    @ hopefulcrna: The message section says I can't PM without having 15 posts. I did respond to your email but am not sure if it went through. In case you didn't get it, I haven't found any new updates and am going the second day. Yes, I am from the NY area.
  12. by   TDCar
    I interviewed a few days ago at Columbia. I really want to go there especially after the open house they did at the beginning of the summer. The school is brand new and seem to have resources. The program director Dr. Greecio is so friendly and welcoming and has a lot of enthusiasm toward the program. The students (we got to meet 8 students from various levels) really like him which I think is very important. I didn't get to interview with Dr. Greecio since I was scheduled in the other room with Dr. Shamboo. She was very stern and did not smile once- seemed annoyed by my answers. The interviews were different than what I saw on this site. They asked some tough questions- not regular interview questions. There was five other people in the room too-clinical preceptors. They did have clinical questions but they seemed pretty basic. I hope I got in but will let you all know when they send results out!
  13. by   TDCar
    What was your interview like? I was there on Friday. Maybe we met!
  14. by   Hopeful_crna
    I interviewed as well & it was very different than what I was expecting/had read online. They asked a lot of clinical questions that were pretty basic but under pressure seemed difficult to answer. I was in Dr. Greco's room & felt similar in that I don't think it went as well as hoped. I hope we find out soon. What time were you there Friday?