BSN or ADN for CRNA program?

  1. Been accepted to both ADN and BSN program for this fall, goal is anesthetist or if can't get in after trying giving myself a 5 year window after graduation then CRNP. Question, being I have a bachelors in biology 3.3, graduated in 96'. Graduate work in a chiropractic program 3.4, though elected not to finish, but did take a year of gross anatomy, a year of biochemistry, and various pathophysiolgy courses. Do you all feel I should get my BSN or ADN? The CRNA program I am looking at down the road requires a bachelors, if it's a science degree then no BSN required, but I want the best shot possible. The downside to BSN program is two fold, 1)costs 36K for the 1 year program, where ADN will cost 14K tops. 2) 2nd, the BSN program I am looking into from what I have heard is tough, getting 3.5 and above very few students have achieved, most fell in range of (2.8-3.3) due to the rapid rate and voluminous material covered in the 11.5 month program. I'm 35 yo, so I need some really good advice. thanks in advance.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Moved to Pre-CRNA Inquiry Forum. Good luck to you, Dino.
  4. by   paraiba T
    I personally would choose the BSN program so I could start gaining acute care experience a year sooner. There are some programs out there that only accept a BSN, so having a BSN allows you to meet the degree requirements of ALL programs. Where I live it is also easier for a new grad with a BSN to get a job in an acute care setting (I don't know about your area). It may be more difficult to hold a higher GPA in the accelerated BSN program, but it is not impossible. If what I mentioned is not reason enough for you to pay 22k more, then maybe the ADN would be the best choice for you.
  5. by   TexasGas
    I do not know where some people get there info. it is really silly how many people will talk from the rear.

    I have a BS in Zoology and Chemistry. I have an ADN. I had NO PROBLEM getting 4 offers for interviews. I scheduled the school I wanted to go to most, first. I was accepted that day and never interviewed at the other 3.

    I live in Texas, and getting a job in the CVICU was so hard that I had 3 offers to choose from as soon as i graduated from my "lowly" ADN program.

    Bottom line, save time and money. More schools than not WILL accept ADN with life science than won't (there are a few that will not.) All 4 of the school sin Texas accept both ADN and BSN alike, and I was NEVER asked to qualify my ADN education compared to a BSN.

    If you have any questions PM me. I won't make anything up.