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Anyone applying to Barry University BSN to DNP starting May 2019?... Read More

  1. by   TKDChic440
    Just got my call for the 28th as well!!!!
  2. by   TKDChic440
    Any tips for the interview?
  3. by   Denver26
    Congrats TKDChic440, I hope your interview goes well!!! When did you apply?
  4. by   epere049
    I also got an interview for the 28th as well. It's a "meet and greet" interview. There are about 4-6 six people interviewing you plus an additional 4-5 students on monitor who are also interviewing. So the whole interview panel is like 10-11 people lol. But they're all very nice and friendly. My friend had an interview a few weeks ago and she said they asked her basic questions like strengths, weaknesses, shadowing experience, critical care experience, examples of leadership, etc. They also asked her to teach them a certain topic for two minutes. Therefore, she chose to teach them something trauma related such as the massive transfusion.