Anyone taken the newest GRE?

  1. I have already been accepted to a great CRNA program that starts Fall '08, but I am going to be re-taking the GRE in the next couple of months to better compete for scholarships. I took my GRE in late Sept '07. With literally 6 hrs. of study time, on 4.5 hrs. sleep, and after a 2.5 hr. drive I scored a meager V-520, Q-510. Evidently, the obligatory >1000 helped get me in...but I need 1100-1150 to reach scholarship range at my school (U. of Cincinnati).

    Anyone taken the test after the Nov. 2007 changes?

    I read somewhere that the short answer/fill in the blank questions are experimental for now and that you may only see one per GRE (or none). I am really hoping that 2 months or so of study time can get me the score I need, any input would be appreciated from folks who re-took the test and scored higher on test #2 (like before and after scores).
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  3. by   BamaCRNA2B
    I thought that ETS decided to postpone the changes that were scheduled for Fall 2007.
  4. by   MayisontheWay
    You might get one question that is fill in the blank (either verbal or quantitative), but it will not count toward your score. Otherwise, the test has not changed. Good luck!
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  5. by   BSN14John
    I found the Kaplan Premier Program book to be real helpful. It has words in the back that are used frequently and I saw some of them on the exam. They also have math equations frequently used. Has many practice tests, cd and access to the web site to practice. For $35.00, it is well worth it. I studied probably about 20 hours for the GRE and scored 550 verbal and 630 math, so not a great score but decent. I may retake for scholarship possibilities also. I think if you studied 60-80hours total you would really do well.
    Just a thought.
  6. by   jemommyRN
    I read where they postponed the changes.
  7. by   Burnt2
    Yea they postponed the changes.
  8. by   BSNsenior329
    I used the Kaplan book as well. Very helpful. I also tutored another student on the math section and did a lot better on the math section because of it. Studied vocab every few nights for eight months with little improvement. Before studying, I got a 480 verbal and 660 math. After studying, I got a 520 verbal and 790 math for a 1310 total. Also, I had two full writing sections. One section was the real thing and the other section was for future tests. Only scored a 4.0/6 on those.
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  9. by   krzysiu
    to my understanding no new gre just yet...
  10. by   jls189
    I just took the gre yesterday (1/12/08). I wouldn't worry about re-taking it. It will be pretty much the same. I only had 1 of the newer quant. and 1 verbal.
  11. by   maymay281
    I didn't take the new GRE, but I took mine this Fall and got a 1230 on my first try. I owe it to the Princeton Online Review. It's great! They even will score your essays. Not cheap, though...but may pay for itself in the end!