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Just wondering if anyone's taken this test and how had is it? Would you suggest buying review books in preparation? How much of your common knowledge from ICU helped? Just very curious..... Read More

  1. by   tammyg652
    Quote from LBH32C
    this may be a dumb question but what is CCRN and what is the advantage of having taken it?
    CCRN stand for certified critical care nurse you can get more info about it at it a prestigious certification and some hospitals will compensated u more for it :spin: u need about a about 1750 hours in critical care to qualifiy for the exam which is about a year of full time work
  2. by   LBH32C
    Thanks so much... I want to work in critical care but don't really know much at this point so that helps a lot. Thank you for the info, I am sure the website will be very beneficial to me as well. I am a pre-nursing student and don't know a whole lot yet so thank you!!
  3. by   kimberlydrn
    I took the test today and passed. Wooohooo! I'm excited. I studied for 3 months, using the Pass CCRN CD with practice questions. I also watched those Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio DVD's several times as well as read through her Critical Care Examination book a couple of times. I also went to a Med Ed review course, as well as used the Core Review book from AACN. It was probably overkill. I feel like I probably could've passed it with just her DVD's and the Pass CCRN CD with practice questions. Those were the most beneficial. Hope this helps.
  4. by   eyeflygirl
    I passed the test today. I can not say enough good things about Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's CD's and the book of PEARLs that comes with it. I also used her Critical Care Examination Book to study cardiac and respiratory. I bought Pass CCRN and did not use it, way too much information!
  5. by   japaho41
    Passed in March I used Pass CCRN mainly the CD-Rom and AACN Core Rev. Disks. I thought that the test was easier than the AACN Core Review but harder than the Pass CCRN questions. The psychosocial questions were the most difficult for me.
  6. by   MissA-RN
    Hi- you said that you took the ccrn but didn't actually work in the ICU? I'm asking because I don't work in the ICU either (med-onc unit) but am not sure if its appropriate to take this test.

    If you took the CCRN but didn't work in ICU- what units did you work in??
  7. by   srna2008
    check out aacn website for all info on testing
  8. by   boynurse2
    When I took it I had 8-9 yrs exp. I went to a 2day review course since my work offered. I did not study and passed it easily. After I saw some sample questions I felt confident. I intended to study but never had the time or drive. If you have experience you should do well. The questions are taylored for the ICU. Psych questions ask things that pertain to an ICU pt like" how does that make you feel" blah blah blah.