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  1. Hello all my name is Joe and I am a 25 year old nursing student with 3 semesters left and went into nursing to do anesthesia. I have 2 kids and work 2 jobs one being a PACU nursing assistant and other is a landscaper. I have shadowed tons of CRNAs and anesthesiologists. I have done multiple cases and have seen different types of situations from an emergency surgery where keeping the patient stable is difficult to a scheduled endoscopy.. my current GPA is a 3.58 kind of hard to keep my GPA up with my jobs. I am part of nursing research at my hospital and in men in nursing at my college. As to that I also am part of different organizations.. i want to get right into CRNA school because I have kids and I'm 25 which I won't graduate until I'm 27ish . I have a job lined up for the ICU but I was wondering if it's possible to apply with 6 months experience then by the time the interview comes I would have about 9 months then by the time I actually start the program I'll be over just a year experience .. I know I have time still but I'm trying to build my resume now as much as I can ... any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   ICUman
    Yes you can apply before the 1 year mark required. As long as you have the experience before the actual program begins.

    However, you may reconsider applying with the minimum experience, as many applicants will have 3-5+ years experience more competitively, and nurses with the minimum experience in anesthesia school struggle during anesthesia clinicals.
  4. by   jljucovic
    Do I have to have my 1 year complete before the interviews begin ?
  5. by   jj224
    Please do yourself a favor and wait until you have at least a year of experience before you apply. Don't use your ICU time as a box to check off as complete and a hoop you have to jump through. You have a ton to learn in the ICU and it's that invaluable experience that sets us apart from AAs.
  6. by   walkerrn2015
    you sound like a great applicant!!! I started applying when I had around 2 years experience and I will have 3 years by the time my program starts, same with my classmates. I think that is the best! Good luck!!!!
  7. by   CRNAtobe12
    I graduated last May with my BSN and have been accepted to a CRNA program. It is doable but you have to be diligent. I took several courses while working full time as an ICU nurse. I applied to 2 programs with 8 months of experience and received interviews at both. I'm still waiting to hear from the other school I interviewed at. Several of my friends who applied with only one year of experience didn't receive interviews because they lacked additional classes/certs.
  8. by   jljucovic
    What classes were you taking?? I'm willing to do do all it takes ... for the fact that I have kids and don't want to take off for too long of school.
  9. by   CRNAtobe12
    I completed an internship in my CVICU one year prior to graduation. This resulted in a much shorter orientation period. My last semester of nursing school, I enrolled in Advanced Pharmacology (Graduate level). This previous spring I took general chemistry 1. I'm on an EBP committee on my unit and have charge/precepting experience. They look at the whole package and experience is just one piece. Good luck!
  10. by   jljucovic
    You were able to enroll in graduate classes during last semester of BSN?
  11. by   CRNAtobe12
    Quote from jljucovic
    You were able to enroll in graduate classes during last semester of BSN?
    Yes. I took it as a non-degree seeking major.
  12. by   jljucovic
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    Yes. I took it as a non-degree seeking major.
    Did you take it online somewhere ? If so which school ?