Accepted to Wolford college

  1. Hey people. I found I been accepted to Wolford college for Feb 2007 class. I am so excited about this. and I am so happy. Thanks to users of this site. This site has been so helpful to me finding out what I need to know.:wink2:
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  3. by   RNbama
    :smiley_aa congratulations!!! i am attending wolford too! i actually start class on monday!!! so i guess i'll see you in feb.!!!
  4. by   a55il3m
    that must have been your books we saw stacked up to the ceiling on monday. have fun.
  5. by   csojet

    Keep your head up. As someone who is in her first semester of a NAP, my best advice to you is to stay ahead of the readings and learn as you go. You are going to be bombarded with a load of info but the fact that you got in shows that the admissions commitee believes you can handle the challenge.
  6. by   a55il3m
    got the letter in the mail today! starting feb 07! wolford
  7. by   NP2BE
    Ill be seeing you In february! I couldnt make the interview because I got food poisoning and went to the ER instead, so they interviewed me on tuesday!
    How cool!!!
  8. by   a55il3m
    oh how awful. you went ahead and interviewed tuesday? wow, i'm impressed.
  9. by   NP2BE
    well I actually got dressed on monday but couldnt stand up straigt, I was so dehydrated, My girlfriend overruled me , you know like I do, this is my dream, as im sure it is yours, and I couldn'et let it be ruined, anyways, the fluid and phenrgan and antibiotics helped a lot. I still felt bad but MUCH better. I told them I guess I just got an early tour of the Hospital! I live in MS so I had to change my flight plans and all, turned out to be an expensive meal!!!
  10. by   a55il3m
    have you decided on naples or tampa for your clinical site?
  11. by   FLRNMGB
    I start in Feb 07. I am looking for information on housing in the Naples, FL area.
  12. by   a55il3m
    i see you're in the orlando area. i work at fl hosp south right now. have you picked your clinical site yet, are you considering the davenport rotation?

  13. by   FLRNMGB
    I requested the Tampa/Davenport rotation to be closer to my house in Orando. I have been to that hospital and I like the atmosphere and learning environment.

    Do you have any info on housing in Naples?
  14. by   jin00005
    Guys. I am looking for housing or apartments information around Naples area. I am thinking about traveling down there around beginning of January to find a place to live. Any information will be appreciated.