2017 arkansas state university crna applicants

  1. Is anyone applying to the CRNA program at Arkansas State University in 2017?
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  3. by   april_tomorrow
    Hi! I am applying this year as well, trying to get my app in before april 1st. Have you submitted yours yet?
  4. by   phantomfl9
    Yes mam. Fingers crossed. Where are you from?
  5. by   phantomfl9
    Have you taken the required graduate stats course? If so, what did you think of it?
  6. by   april_tomorrow
    Im from Florida. And no I haven't taken the course yet but the syllabus looks pretty straight forward
  7. by   phantomfl9
    Has anyone received a response from their early admission packet?
  8. by   TraumaMom3
    Hey you guys! I submitted my application packet for early admission well before the deadline of April 1st. Have y'all received any information regarding interviews? Or when to expect to hear from them? Thanks guys:-)
  9. by   phantomfl9
    I was told that qualified candidates would be contacted in May. They are probably busy wrapping up the semester for the graduating class. I know it's hard, because I'm anxious to hear a response also, but let's be patient and keep our fingers crossed. Good luck to you!
  10. by   phantomfl9
    I hope to get an interview. This is the only school that I have applied for and want to go to. I shadowed a CRNA who graduated from that school. He told me that it is a great program and that you will have many cases to learn from. Have you heard any information from previous students?
  11. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    I applied here as well..
  12. by   almahdz
    Has anyone heard back for interviews? My husband applied just not in time for early admission, just wondering if anyone knows when they will be contacting applicants?
  13. by   TraumaMom3
    I have no idea! I had heard that they were going to contact applicants for interviews at some point during the month of July......but not sure! No one that I know has heard anything! All this waintk f is stressing me out! Let me know if you hear anything!
  14. by   almahdz
    Will do, I contacted Dr.Black I'm sure they are busy but we hope to find something out soon! Did you apply for early admission? They kept contacting my husband for his application so hopefully that's a good sign. He applied last year but they required the graduate level statistics which he just completed! If you hear of anything please let me know as well!