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A clinical class had just arrived at our nursing home and some of the nursing students noticed that the nurses were all wearing pins on their uniforms. They had noticed that the pins were shaped like apples.

"Excuse me, " a student said to a RN. "Every nurse has a pin on that looks like an apple. Did you all graduate from the same nursing school?"

"Oh, no," answered the RN. "We wear them to keep the doctors away!"

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I'm gonna have to try that.


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That's cute. I once was trying to unclog a G-tube with a toomey syringe . My instructor was observing and suddenly I lost my grip and shot her in the face with cranberry juice. Another classmate of mine had just emptied a colostomy into a graduate and was walking to the toilet to empty it when he stumbled and it splashed up into his face. Luckily, only his pride was hurt.

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:chuckle :chuckle


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