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For all of you interested in Labor and Delivery, I have asked OBNURSEHEATHER to join us to get an experienced point of view. I know that some of you gals (and one guy) have been interested in it.

Please add ONEHOTRN to your lists! I have spoken with her, and she is more than willing to give advice and answer questions in the OB area.

Also... for all those "experienced" ones out there in an area of nursing, if you would like to volunteer to field questions about your speciality, please post here, or let me know. All levels, LPN RN CNA or Advanced Practice are welcome to be mentors.



Thanks Brandy! And Thanks to OBNURSEHEATHER for agreeing to share with us! :) :) :)

Im especially interested in hearing from anyone in NICU and OR.. Oh, and any "trauma mama's" from ER too! ;)

Ill work on those!

Hello all!

Im new here. I have been working as a CNA in a Med-surg unit, I guess you can say I have pretty good experience in this field. I am also a nursing student and would love to here from other nurses. I do love med-surg, but would like to explore other fields.:) once I graduate.

You are more than welcome to join us Dreams, just add your AOL Screen name to this board, and we will get you added :)


Hi Brandy,

Even though I am a new graduate RN, I would be more than happy to share some of my knowledge that I have in the areas of cardiac & med-surg. This is a great idea that you have. I know that is was extremely helpful to me to have a mentor while I was in school, so now I would like to return the favor and become a mentor to the nursing students here. Let me know what I could do.;)

Thanks! Ok Folks:

ONEHOTRN : L&D questions

YalondaF: Cardiac and Med-Surg

Im still working on ICU, NICU, ER, and OR. Is there anything else?



Yes, Pediatrics is another thing that can be added. So if any Pediatric nurses would like to help Mentor please feel free to do so. I have a real strong interest and passion for the Pediatric population. I have worked in a children's hospital all summer long and will continue to work their during breaks and I love it. I may change my mind when clinicals start who knows but right now it is Pediatrics for me.

Oh BTW to OBNurse and Yolonda Thank you and to the others for Wanting to mentor students. I know that if is important to have mentors as I plan on mentoring young single teenage mothers with in the next few weeks because I had my daughter at 17 I was about a month from 18 when I had my daughter. There are so many sterotypes out there that keeps young girls for completing their dreams that I want to help and show them that it is possible. For nursing students to have nurses who are mentors it is really great to keep the student going and reach all their dreams. Thank you.

Well, we have not been chatting collectively as a group very often, but individuals have been keeping in touch.

We have a new mentor to add! Navy1Nurse is a NICU nurse, and he might also be helpful for those of you who may have questions about military nursing. THanks Greg!

We now have 54 members and 10 mentors! Quite an impressive group :)

For Newbies, we have a support group through AOL Instant Messenger. You do not have to be an AOL member to participate, but you do need to download the software for Instant Messenger. If any new students would like to join, please contact me on AIM as BrandyBSN, and I will see that you have the updated contact list.



hey Brandy,

do you think we could set up a meeting? I am in the middle of ob and would love some information in the area. Great idea

OBNurseHeather is our "resident expert" for OB. How about sending her a PM and seeing when she would be available? I am going out of town this weekend (my birthday party-one week late), and will be leaving soon.



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