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  1. Of the very few programs I have to choose from (Looking at a psychiatric nurse practitioner program), USA has popped up as a viable option.

    Here's a question for current USA students. What are the courses like? I know that many are 8 weeks. The information I'm looking for is if you need to respond to another's postings in a chatroom situation a couple of times a week (busy work if you ask me), or if they just give you assignments to complete in a certain time frame.

    Any current or former students, please let me know. I have to choose an online program as my state has no PNP programs).

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  3. by   rnmindy
    I also have the same question. I have applied to their Pediatric NP program and am wondering how may weeks each semester is and the course structure. I am a newbie to online courses and would like to know how they work at this particular school.
  4. by   rnmindy
    Just thought I would give this a bump since there has been no answer.
  5. by   Lifes-a-Beach
    The courses run as long as the regular USA brick & mortar semesters. You can go to the USA website and look at the semester lengths. The first day of class is the same, and exam week is usually the same. I finished in December. My first program choice was FNP, but after a semester of clinicals I knew I had ZERO interest in adult care and requested a switch to the PNP program, which was granted. I was then a happy camper from there on out. Both programs are VERY challenging, but I found the first semester of FNP much harder due to an enormous amount of reading articles, three or four texts, power points, etc. The PNP instructors made the course work much more streamlined. I passed the cert exam and have a PNP offer for a hospital-owned clinic with a good salary, bonus options, benefit packet, etc. You have made a good choice. The program is hard and you will bang you head on your desk many times, but in the end, it is worth it. Line up a clinical preceptor now. The school does not do this and it is tough to get your foot in the door if you are not already networked closely with a PNP primary care doc or NP. I moved across states during the program, and had to knock on clinic doors to get my hours in, but the opportunities are out there. My best advice is to get a GOOD PNP primary care review book NOW and start learning all of the material. Study it when you study the course assigned topics. Best wishes~
  6. by   rnmindy
    Thanks for your response. So did you only do clinicals in a primary care office or were you required to do them at specialty peds clinics as well? I guess I'm asking if you stayed with the same practitioner the entire time for clinicals. For tests in the PNP program do you have to log on at specific times for tests? How is that handled?
  7. by   HikingNinja
    Just an update. I emailed USA about their FMHNP program. They say about 80% pass their boards. They have had no one who has had to postpone their grad date due to inability to find a preceptor. They said if you are having a really hard time they have a list of preceptors who have been used in each state to help you find one. The course format is mostly papers and online chatroom in a asynchronous format. No group work (Yay!).
  8. by   rnmindy
    Awesome! Thanks for the info. Praying I get in but won't know till may!
  9. by   futureeastcoastNP
    Is 80% a good pass rate? The national average is like 94% isn't it?
  10. by   tyloo
    AANP posts pass rates on an annual basis, but 2013 is not posted yet.
    Pass Rates- AANPCP

    I could not find any posted pass rates for ANCC on any of their specialties.
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    Vanderbilt actually has the pass rates for all the ANCC specialities. The national pass rate is 89% for the family mental health nurse practitioner.
  12. by   tyloo
    Quote from tyloo
    Vanderbilt actually has the pass rates for all the ANCC specialities. The national pass rate is 89% for the family mental health nurse practitioner.
    Very interesting. I finally came across the ANCC certification pass rates for 2012. There were 669 that tested for the Family PMHNP and only 553 passed, so actually the pass rate would be 82.6%.