University of South Alabama summer 2018

  1. Hello. Just applied to the dual role summer 2018. Anyone else out there? My gpa isn't stellar, but I have everything else they want. Hopefully I will be accepted. Anyone gone through this degree or applying now let me know how it is going.
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  3. by   LadyT618
    I applied and have since been accepted into the Post Master's Certificate AGPCNP program to start Spring 2018. Looking forward to starting
  4. by   Never Never Give Up
    I'm applying to WHNP track to start in summer 2018. I graduated with honors from my 2nd degree accelerated BSN and have just under 2 years of nursing would definitely be enough by the time I started. Still nervous that it's not enough! Fingers and toes crossed for us!
  5. by   l.a.m.b
    hi, i too have applied to the summer 2018 program! let us know when u get your acceptance letter...i hope its not too difficult to get in
  6. by   simplybme1
    I'm applying for the fall of 2018. Getting my application together. Congratulations!
  7. by   kcribbs
    Hey there! I applied for the Pediatric Acute Care track for Summer 2018. Anxiously awaiting my letter even though I know it will be at least a month before we hear anything. Positive thoughts!
  8. by   WiIIa
    Hi! I applied for Summer 2018 too. Has anyone gotten any information back?
  9. by   Never Never Give Up
    Not yet... patiently waiting over here lol
  10. by   newRnnene
    Has anyone emailed USA to find out when letters are going to be sent out?
  11. by   WiIIa
    I remember reading somewhere on their website that the earliest we could receive a decision would be 8 weeks from the application due date, which would be today. I don't really expect them to send them out yet though.
  12. by   newRnnene
    Yeah I know on a previous year thread someone emailed USAA and they told them the exact day letters were mailed out. I guess I'll continue to wait impatiently. 😩
  13. by   WiIIa
    Letters will start being received after the 15th!
  14. by   newRnnene
    Is that what they told you????