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I just graduated with my BSN last december and took about a 2 month break then started FNP school online at south university while I'm travel nursing too at the same time. I'm extremely overwhelmed,... Read More

  1. by   Nicole5128
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    Hey there! I am right there with you in the online FNP program. I do not like it. At all. I am transferring to a ground campus. Could this be an option for you? I had not even thought about it until one of the NPs I work with told me about it. I am a "weekender" so the High Point NC program will work great for me- the class goes all day every Thursday. There is a Savannah GA program that my friend attended- it's one weekend a month Saturday/Sunday. How far are you into the program? I am completing Pharmacology now online and I don't feel like I have learned anything....not enough at least to provide patient care. I have an MSN but it's leadership concentration. They let me transfer Theory and Research, so I had to take Role of the ANP, the Policy class, Pharmacology (finishing Wednesday)- I still need Pharmacology, ANP I, and Health Assessment before I go into clinicals.
    Just some info for you if you are considering going to the High Point campus, South University recently got bought out by Dream Center Foundation and they will be closing three South University campuses in High Point, NC, Novi, MI, and Cleveland, OH.

    Just to let you know! I don't know when they will officially close those campuses but they are going to offer the students attending those universities on campus an online alternative or other locations near by if there is one.

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    Just an update for everyone if they are interested in what I decided, I withdrew from South University because I found the class I was taking was blatantly misformatted online, also there were unfeasabile amounts of study material with no study guide offered ever, including for the midterm which included 600+ pages of material, they made the midterm due Two days earlier in the week than usual, so only 5 days to prepare for the midterm while I'm working full-time at the hospital, they also gave us new material to study within that week which was another 200+ pages so then it was 800+pages to go over with NO study guide, when multiple students asked for a study guide from the professor week after week especially for the midterm we kept getting the same robotic responses stating "I do not develop the content for South University, what ever material is provided for you on the course is the material you are to study from" which was complete BS because I felt like these online instructors would do absolutley ANYTHING to help us, I consulted with my Academic Advisor and explained the situation she greatly apologized and stated that they were "working on this" but for weeks nothing ever happened, although she was very sweet and helpful on the phone I'm sure it's not her fault, but yea I'm looking into an on campus school that provides preceptors and will probably start at the end of next year, I just greatly frown upon South University and how they handled this situation with multiple students failing week by week with no effort done to change the situation or the class or address the instructor who was not helping us at all. I feel they didn't care about their students or their education and will be looking into another university with a better quality education. Don't get me wrong I know online is tough and I got my bachelor's degree completely online as well and I know NP wasn't going to be easy either but I just found that situation to be completely ridiculous. anyways, I'm glad I took a break I really needed it and I was miserable, and I'm just going to be racking up money now with travel nursing to pay off the loan debt and start fresh next year. Thanks to all who commented with advice in insight! Hope y'all are having a good day!
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    I don't blame you one bit. The instruction is terrible. Yes I saw they are closing High Point. I am looking at Columbia SC campus. If that doesn't work out I may just leave. I am miserable. All online programs are not like this. I did my MSN online with Grand Canyon University and I loved it. May ditch the whole FNP idea and go back and do my DNP in education with GCU. I wonder if our patho pharm and health assessment would transfer to another school given we are in quarters at SU....