Stony Brook FNP Summer 2018

  1. Hi all!

    Was hoping to get a thread going for applicants to the Stony Brook FNP program for 2018. I submitted my application a week or two ago and got an email for an interview on Monday. Anyone else??

    My interview is scheduled for Tuesday 12/12 at 11:15 am. I know there is a group component - anyone else going in for this slot??

    Hoping to meet you all in the spring!

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  3. by   Maynard44
    Hi! I commented on the other thread we were both in, but thought I would comment here too. I submitted my application 11/5 for an email 11/9 about interviews, and had my interview on 11/28. I live in East Syracuse so it's a hike for me, but it is totally worth it to me, Stony Brook is my first choice.

    Anyone else?
  4. by   Yourstruly_dm
    Hey, we were in the same interview interview was also on the 12th at 11:15
  5. by   Maynard44
    Hi there! Since you were in the last group for interviews, did they mention when we may Be finding out?
  6. by   Yourstruly_dm
    They said the earliest would be end of Jan/beginning of Feb.
  7. by   Maynard44
    Wow! They told me end of December / early January. I still have not heard yet though. I wonder if it is rolling admissions like previous classes...
  8. by   brinksta
    yes i thinki
  9. by   ProjectDex
    I am interviewing today for the FNP program. I will try to find out when the acceptance letters will coming.
    Wish me luck! :-)

  10. by   Maynard44
    Good luck Dexter
  11. by   ProjectDex
    The program director said e-mails will be sent out around mid February to March. Today is the last day of interviews. There were over 400 applicants and only 60 seats in the program.
  12. by   Maynard44
    Yea I'm pretty sure they roll the admissions cause each group is told a different timeframe. I guess we will just have to update when we get news! Good luck everyone!
  13. by   Yourstruly_dm
    Wow. When I interviewed in Dec. they def. said end of jan./beginning of Feb. I'm not surprised though, SBU is always the last to send out acceptance letters. It sucks because I have to accept/decline to the other school I got accepted to 2 wks from today.
  14. by   Maynard44
    Hey there, yes I was told end of December beginning of January, and I was in the November interviews. Hmmm....