Starting Second Semester of FNP School - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 201

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    Wow - its fall already. Time to get back to the books. And...whew....what a summer! Here are some of my adventures...

    Starting Second Semester of FNP School - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 201

    Thanks for stopping by to Follow Me Through Grad School! It's the start of second semester, and guess what? I'm not ready! I had a great time during semester break. I travelled, got some much needed rest, and may or may not have broken into someone's house!?! Although I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation, I know it's time to go hit the books, and continue on my journey to FNP!

    In this weeks vlog I share what I've been up to during break, and which classes I will be taking second semester. Some highlights include:

    - Semester break wrap-up
    - Alleged break in?
    - School books rant
    - Semester 2 course list and description
    - Special announcement

    I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) Episode 201: Starting Second Semester of FNP School. Let me know below, what's your favorite way to wind down during semester break. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!

    Until Next Time,

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    Heads up! If you're new here or an old friend of the Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) series, you can always catch up with my journey from the beginning from the link.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    What a great video! So glad you are back. Good luck this semester.
  4. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Thanks tnbutterfly! I'm glad you're enjoyed the vlog!
  5. by   vintagemother
    You are so awesome for sharing your experiences with us!! I visited D.C. and NewYork a few months ago for the first time!! Keep us updated!!!
  6. by   Lennonninja
    Love your videos! I'm in my first semester of grad school and found your vlog right before the start of the semester. Keep up the great work!
  7. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Thanks so much Lennonninja, BSN, RN! I'm glad you're loving the series thus far! You kind words mean a lot!
  8. by   BizzyBeeNursing
    Vintagemother, CNA, LVN, RN I will definitely keep you updated on all my FNP School shenanigans! NYC and DC are two of my favorite cities to visit. There's plenty of history, activities, diversity, job opportunities, and energy. Unfortunately they also come with a hefty price tag as well, haha! Thanks for commenting and continuing to watch Follow Me Through Grad School (FMTGS)!
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