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I just got accepted into a psych nurse practitioner program....However, I now have a second thought on accepting it after talking to a couple of PA and MD. I was told that unless I have some sort of... Read More

  1. by   julee1414
    Did you in fact pursue and finish your PMHNP?
  2. by   moledi28
    How possible is it to graduate wih FNP and Psych Nurse practitioner?
  3. by   PG2018
    Quote from moledi28
    How possible is it to graduate wih FNP and Psych Nurse practitioner?
    I think Vanderbilt has such a program. Tufts may have that as well. At any rate, you simply take all the classes, do all the clinicals, and bam you graduate with both foci. At my school, you had the option of doing any or all of the specialty tracks you wanted. I think the wisest choice is to pick one, start working, and then negotiate a work schedule that will allow you to get paid well and continue to study for the second cert. I'd like to pick up FNP, BUT there'd be no increase in my pay for having it, I'd spend more money to get it, I might even lose clinic time pursuing it (thus more lost money), and I have no interest in doing reproductive, anal, or gynecologic clinicals. I'm more interested in be credentialed to treat URI, N/V/D, minor derm yuckies, metabolic train wrecks we cause with atypicals, vitamin deficiencies, earache, headache, toothache, etc. And only above the waist!

    I have an affinity for allergy, headache, and sports medicine, and if I weren't in psych I'd be doing one of those things. I went to a sports med CE once and got a lot of weird looks when people found out what my practice is. However, the Bill Nye of PTs taught me how to do an SI adjustment, and BOY DOES IT WORK!! I taught my wife how to do it, and we do it to each other.
  4. by   moledi28
    Thanks psychguy.
  5. by   RNfor918
    I know this is an old thread, but here in my area we have openings for psych NP's all the time. No shortage here. This includes all kinds of settings- acute, outpatient, residential. I'm always seeing postings, and none are less than 115k for a Masters level NP. DNP's are paid about 20k more. Best of luck