Online part time MSN programs?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good online MSN programs that are online and I can do part time?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    What KIND of MSN program?

  4. by   Mpredrox1
    Nurse practitioner
  5. by   Margo37
    I'm sorry, but this is what Google is for. Also there are hundreds of discussions on these forums about the various school options. Going back to school and eventually working as an NP is a big responsibility, you should be able/willing to do your own legwork.
  6. by   Mpredrox1
    I used google for an hour this morning and found many options. I'm wanting opinions from people that actually went through the programs
  7. by   Margo37
    Ok well then what schools are you considering? What specialty? Your post is just too vague.
  8. by   Beauti381
    I graduated from university of south alabama last year (executive nurse admin) and i loved their msn program. It is completely online and you may do your practice hours in your home area. NP students are required to come to campus once for a 3 day orientation. The program does not require the GRE nor letters of recommendation. It is a "real" school in Mobile, AL (has undergrad, grad, PhD programs, a campus, and dormitories). The professors are great & the online format is user-friendly. Good luck!!
  9. by   MierKat
    Quote from Mpredrox1
    I used google for an hour this morning and found many options. I'm wanting opinions from people that actually went through the programs
    Here are some things to consider when trying to find an NP program (online or in person).

    First, where are you and are you able to move or need to stay?
    Second, what state do you live in?
    Third, what are your priorities - cost, time to complete or stature/reputation of the program?
    Fourth, what specialty(ies) are you considering?
    Fifth, do you want lots of group project or few group projects?
    Sixth, do you want fully online or are you ok with one or more trips per semester to the school?
    Seven, does the school find preceptors for you or are you on your own?

    Consider where you live - a nursing degree online has some drawbacks, so if you choose a program that is in your state or your region of the country, it will be better known to HR and other employers than one from across the country. The grads will be a "known" more than an "unknown." I'm in Seattle - if I wanted online I'd pick Gonzaga over University of South Alabama because Gonzaga is well known here and I'd have to fly to USA for their in-person meeting. I'd have more local contacts with Gonzaga.

    Some states require that their residents go to school only at "approved" schools. For example, Ohio and Tennessee have rules about where students can attend. So if you look at Ohio State University nursing school, for example, you may see that they are not approved for your state.

    Cost is an issue and some programs are monstrously expensive. Some state schools are cheaper for residents. Some state schools give in-state tuition breaks (that is, a discount) or all online students even if they live out of state.

    If you don't ever want to go to in-person classes, don't pick the NP at schools like Vanderbilt, which requires in-person attendance occasionally.

    Some schools find preceptors for their online students, some don't. This can be a real problem and you'll see frantic messages here from people who can't find a preceptor. If you are working as an RN and you have lots of friends, coworkers and connections locally who are willing to precept you, then that might be less of a risk. Also ask your friends, coworkers, former classmates and bosses where they went to nursing school, even if it was just for their RN as it may give you ideas for good local schools. I'd caution you against expensive for-profit schools unless you have no other option.

    Since you didn't list your priorities or your location, it's hard for people to advise you. Post back with some factors and maybe someone can help. Once you have a general idea of what you want it's easier to do some online research.