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  1. I’ve been a nurse for over 5 years. 3 years in a PCU and 2 in ICU. I’ve honestly had such a miserable experience and am looking into moving out of bedside because I feel so burned out. The only thing I’ve enjoyed is CRRT patients. I used to have them almost every week on my last unit and I used to love it so much. From setting it up to running the machine. I actually looked forward to those days of work. I had to move out of state and CRRT is barely done on my new unit and I really miss it. If I loved CRRT so much would I enjoy hemodialysis as well? I was thinking about applying for acute dialysis
  2. Mpredrox1

    Online part time MSN programs?

    I used google for an hour this morning and found many options. I'm wanting opinions from people that actually went through the programs
  3. Mpredrox1

    Online part time MSN programs?

    Nurse practitioner
  4. Mpredrox1

    Online part time MSN programs?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any good online MSN programs that are online and I can do part time?

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