Is being a pediatric NP easier?

  1. Is being a pediatric NP a little easier job than working with adults that usually have more medical problems?
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  3. by   djmatte
    Imo no. Peds imo have their own unique assessment and treatment hurdles. While adults can be more complex, even with their complexities their management is more cut and dry. Peds you can't use anywhere near the same options of medications. Assessments are harder to form because the style of communication is different. Much of your job focuses around prevention, but even with that you are relying on parents to make good choices for their kids who often can't or choose not to. I do love my pediatric visits because it breaks up the day. But couldn't do a full day of it.
  4. by   babyNP.
    I am not a PNP (a neo NP) but I think it's too complex to say something one way or the other. Different people have different experiences and find some things easier than others.
  5. by   pro-student
    Haha, that's cute.

    Kids come with their own set of challenges, usually that means families. You will see all kinds of parenting styles and deal with parents who are extremely difficult to say the least. With kids, you also have to keep development in mind all the time. A lot of what we do as providers in screening but it's incredibly important to know what is normal variation and what warrants concern. It's been said that you don't appreciate how important a history is until you can't get one and with kids the ability to get any kind of actuate history can be next to impossible. While most kids are fairly healthy, when they are not, their care can get complicated in a hurry. Peds is certainly not easier, just a different set of challenges.
  6. by   Spadeforce
    Usually they are less sick but also harder to tell whats actually going on with them since they always have some dumb viral illness on top of whatever else (if anything) is causing one of their many fevers