How To Make A SOAP Video - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 205

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    I know you've heard of SOAP notes, but have you ever heard of SOAP videos? Yeah, me neither.

    How To Make A SOAP Video - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 205

    I knew that SOAP notes were a standard method of documentation utilized by healthcare professions and that I, as an FNP student, would have to present my patients in this format. But I didn't fully understand the concept of a SOAP video. Was I supposed to do an entire patient visit on camera? Was I supposed to have an in-depth discussion about the patient on camera? I researched high and low on Youtube for examples of SOAP videos but the only results that came up on search were tutorials on how to make homemade soap.

    I asked my professor for clarification and she stated the SOAP video focuses on the objective portion of the SOAP note. The goal of the SOAP video is to give professors the opportunity to evaluate a students' assessment skills and give suggestions on how they can improve. This is a customary practice in Online FNP programs.

    Students must first interview (gather the Subjective data) off camera. Then perform a targeted examination on camera (Objective data, SOAP video). Next they have come up with primary and differential diagnoses (Assessment) and figure out a plan of care (Plan). Once everything is completed students submit both their SOAP note and SOAP video.

    In this weeks vlog I submitted my first SOAP video! Some highlights include:

    - Step-by-step guide of how to prepared for and make a SOAP video. Including attire, equipment, general physical appearance, script, uploading, sound, lighting and etc.
    - A glimpse at my submitted Health Assessment SOAP video.
    - What's been going in my other classes?
    - Trust me watch until the end! You won't regret it!

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    New to allnurses and so glad I found your youtube page. New subbie here!
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    Still watching and loving your videos! You are an inspiration to me! I'm an RN currently enrolled in an ADN-BSN completion program; and my daughter is in a PhD program!!!
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    Thanks so much for watching and subbing NureBlaq, ADN, BSN! If there's ever a topic your interested in just let me know!
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    Vintagemother, CNA, LVN, RN that's awesome you and your daughter are both in school! Your daughter must have gotten her perseverance from you. Keep up the good work! I know it doesn't feel like it now but before you know it you'll be a BSN! Thanks so much for continuing to watch and sharing such a lovely comment! Your comments definitely inspires me and encourages me to continue vlogging! I hope you and your family had a great holiday!
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